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Website by Jenni

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Welcome to the Henderson Road website!  This site’s purpose is to give homeowners and neighbors in our community a central location for communicating urgent news, raising awareness of important issues and events, and helping neighbors with similar interests contact each other.  More specifically:

  • Provide crime prevention alerts and updates on the Neighborhood Watch Program

  • Introduce our community to potential new homeowners

  • Connect again with existing neighbors and meet new neighbors

  • Ask for your participation by contributing news and articles and suggestions for the website

We hope you enjoy and visit your website often.

Look forward to seeing you again soon,

Your Neighbors


An-dec~1.gif (2816 bytes)Neighborhood Watch Alert


Burglary on Aspen Court - Henderson Road (west)  NEW

On Wednesday, 10/22 between 3:00-4:30 PM, homeowners were not home.  Thieves busted the front door jam and took computer and big screen television (left all the cords and printer).  Police officer responded and mentioned it may be duo described as large black man and white woman in a landscaping truck van.  (Source:  Regal Forest Neighborhood Watch)

Burglary on Peppermint Drive - Henderson Road (west)  NEW

On Monday, 9/29, homeowner returned home from short errand (approx. 11 am to Noon) to find her home had been burglarized.  Jewelry and money were taken.  Police were called and responded.  (Source:  Regal Forest Neighborhood Watch)

DeKalb PD spots burglary trend of bypassing alarms

Click here for WSB-TV story.


DKPD CRIMETRAC (click on link to run search for your neighborhood)


Have You Heard ...      


Notorious 3016 Henderson Mill Road house was built for church, re-purchased for parties

Click here for article  (Source:  Tom Doolittle)


Tucker Historical Society

Celebrating Tucker's 122nd anniversary!


Discover DeKalb

Spotlight on Tucker



Avoid the mall and shop downtown Tucker


Check out Olde Town Tucker ... Learn more about the merchants and calendar of events!



Tucker 2014 and Tucker 2015

Briarcliff and Lakeside combine forces for cityhood

Lakeside City




Sidewalks on Henderson Road

Click here for current status and Q&A.



Henderson Park Garden News

Click here to learn more.


Click here to read previous newsletters ... and learn more about receiving email notifications when new information has been added to hendersonroad.com.




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