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Website by Jenni

2005. All Rights Reserved.


Welcome to the Henderson Road website!  This site’s purpose is to give homeowners and neighbors in our community a central location for communicating urgent news, raising awareness of important issues and events, and helping neighbors with similar interests contact each other.  More specifically:

  • Provide crime prevention alerts and updates on the Neighborhood Watch Program

  • Introduce our community to potential new homeowners

  • Connect again with existing neighbors and meet new neighbors

  • Ask for your participation by contributing news and articles and suggestions for the website

We hope you enjoy and visit your website often.

Look forward to seeing you again soon,

Your Neighbors


An-dec~1.gif (2816 bytes)Neighborhood Watch Alert

Click here to read Recent Incidents observed by neighbors /

Community Notices from DeKalb Police Dept.


Stealing Comcast amplifier from cable box

Jenni:  Wednesday, April 2nd, At approx 4:15 am two men in dual wheel pick-up stopped in front of our house - passenger got out - removed cover from cable box - cut out the amplifier - in 2 minutes they were gone.  We have recently installed cameras around our house.  We were able to look back at  the recorded motion and were able to give the Comcast Security officer the video.  It was very dark at the time but Comcast said that they believe they can work with the video to identify the truck.   We are able to record all vehicles that enter Henderson Summit.

According to Comcast five of these amplifiers were stolen the same night.

This is only making our cable more expensive. 

The vehicle had a row of lights on top of the cab.   The Comcast Officer suggested that we could better monitor the neighborhood if we did not park cars on the street.  Please see if you can help with this. 

Please send this out to alert all of this activity. 

Thanks, Phil

Multiple reports of contents stolen from vehicles off Evans Road, Sunday, 3/23 - Monday, 3/24.  Homeowner provided photos of possible suspect.  It's reported this person was seen walking along Henderson Road on 3/24 around 7:15 pm.  (Northbrook area Neighborhood Watch)


Sunday, 3/23, Night

Townley Circle - Misc. items including wallet taken.  Credit card used at gas station at 3:45 am.

Monday, 3/24, Early Morning

Umberland Drive - Contents stolen from unlocked van at 3:45 am. Homeowner captured pictures of possible suspect.  Also reports of other cars rifled through, and earbuds taken.

Whitby Drive - $10 and driver's license stolen from vehicle.

Friday, 3/21/14, 10:30 am and 12:30 pm

Burglary on Hershey Lane - The burglars broke through the carport door and took homeowner’s TVs and remote controls and a laptop.  (Candy Heights Neighborhood Watch)

DKPD CRIMETRAC (click on link to run search)


Have You Heard ...      


Bicycle Found  NEW

Sunday, April 13 afternoon when I went on my walk, I found a boy's bicycle hid under the Leland Cypress trees on the left hand side of the entrance to Henderson Summit.

See attached photo.


I have checked with the kids in our neighborhood, and it does not belong to them.  It was probably stolen from somewhere around and hid there to pick up later.  (this is only my assumption)

Maybe if you put it on the web site someone might identify.

Thanks, Phil


Road Resurfacing and Water Main Improvements

Henderson Road, from Henderson Mill Road to LaVista Road (SR 236)




Mainline will be complete this week.  We will make the connection at LaVista, connect 3 or 4 side streets and then the big dig in the street is complete. The next stages are:

1. Testing and chlorination of the waterline 2days

2. Replacement of water meters and connection of residences to new waterline 3 weeks

**Residents will experience approx. 8-10 hours without water service during this period. We will issue 48 hr notice.

3. Fill old pipe with concrete

4. Clean Up and Landscaping 1 week


5. Milling/Paving/Road Repair 2-3 Weeks

6. Replacement of Handicapped Ramps 2 weeks

7. Striping 1 Week

8. Clean Up, Landscape and Demobilize 1 week

9. ITS OVER. A few months ahead of schedule.

We thank you guys for your patience and apologize for the rough ride.

Alessandro Salvo, CEO, GS Construction


Click here to learn more about the project, photos, and Q&A.



Please check back for more updates, and please send any photos or information to share with the Henderson Road neighborhood.


Jenni, Henderson Road



Avoid the mall and shop downtown Tucker


Check out Olde Town Tucker ... Learn more about the merchants and calendar of events!



City of Tucker 2014

Lakeside City



Sidewalks on Henderson Road

Click here for current status and Q&A.



Henderson Park Garden News

Click here to learn more.


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