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Website by Jenni

2005. All Rights Reserved.


Welcome to the Henderson Road website!  This site’s purpose is to give homeowners and neighbors in our community a central location for communicating urgent news, raising awareness of important issues and events, and helping neighbors with similar interests contact each other.  More specifically:

  • Provide crime prevention alerts and updates on the Neighborhood Watch Program

  • Introduce our community to potential new homeowners

  • Connect again with existing neighbors and meet new neighbors

  • Ask for your participation by contributing news and articles and suggestions for the website

We hope you enjoy and visit your website often.

Look forward to seeing you again soon,

Your Neighbors


An-dec~1.gif (2816 bytes)Neighborhood Watch Alert


2 Lost Dogs.  (We have them)   NEW

We found 2 lost dogs (that had been seen in your area a couple days prior). One of them is micro chipped and we've contacted the organization, but it seems maybe old info?  I was driving around your neighborhood and was randomly asking people who were out and about.  Helen, one of the friendly and helpful residents, gave me your contact info in the hopes that more people could be reached.  If you could please share this picture with your neighborhood listserv, that would be fantastic!  The black and white one's name is Lucy! 

Thank you! and Happy New Year!

Heather Hale
678-357-3026  or hcube123@gmail.com


Help Us Crack This Case!!!  UPDATE below

Saturday, December 27th at 7:00 PM, a 6-foot Nutcracker holiday decoration was stolen by the teenagers shown below in the photos and video from the front porch of a home on Regal Way/Henderson Road in Tucker, GA.  There may have been other accomplices in the dark colored pick-up truck along with another vehicle.  The Police are in the process of assigning this case of “Larceny – from Residence” to the Theft Division.  If you know these individuals, please ask them to return the stolen property promptly.  At least one other homeowner in the area (Peppermint Drive) had holiday décor destroyed.  There are likely other similar incidents that occurred around this time.  If you have any information that could help with solving these crimes, it would be greatly appreciated.  Please contact Jenni or Paul at info@hendersonroad.com

Click here to see video


An Update: Wednesday, December 30th at 11:53 PM, the homeowner's doorbell was rung.  The Nutcracker’s damaged torso (other parts gone/missing) was returned along with a small bag containing cash/coins and handwritten apology note – signed anonymously.


To the Anonymous: Your note reads that you intend to make further amends but also includes a few demands. We ask that you please contact us to bring an agreeable, mutual closure. The Nutcracker was a very special holiday decoration that we enjoyed displaying for us and our neighbors. We’re still shocked and very disappointed that teenagers in our community would make the choice to go to this effort to take and destroy personal property. Similar Nutcrackers cost around $450 and up. A Police case number was assigned on Sunday. To the hendersonroad.com Neighbors, we very sincerely appreciate all your comments and suggestions.



DKPD CRIMETRAC (click on link to run search for your neighborhood)


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