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Alerts & Newsletters
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Previous Lost and Found Pet Alerts:


  • Oreo is still missing!


    We are Mark and Carol McDermott that live at 2949 Henderson Road (down at the very bottom of the hill from the stoplight at Allsborough…just before Henderson Court).  Oreo is a black and white, male cat, almost 2 years old.  He is outdoors during the day but kept indoors at night and has had all of his shots and has been neutered.  He is friendly to people but a little shy with strangers.  He did not come home Wednesday night, 9/9/09 and is still missing as of tonight (Thursday, 9/10/09).  His brother (Skittles) and his adopted brother (Woody) miss him very much and so do his human Mom and Dad!!  If you see him or have any information about him please let us know.  You can reach us, any time, day or night, at (770) 596-3314 or can send e-mails via hendersonroad.com.

  • "Sweetie" is lost ... need your help!  (5/20/09)

We are still searching for our cat Sweetie, who went missing on May 20, 2009 in the Henderson Road/Allsborough Drive area.


We're elderly, and she was the light of our lives. Any help in finding her would be much appreciated, especially because she has epilepsy and goes into convulsions if she doesn't get twice-daily doses of Phenobarbital.


She's a five-year old domestic shorthair, mostly white, with a few black spots, especially one prominent black spot over one eye. 

A cat matching her description was seen crossing Henderson Road toward the house at 2920 Henderson Road on the afternoon of Sunday, May 24 (Memorial Day eve). We combed that area a number of times, within minutes of getting the alert, but were too late to find the cat. 

If you see a cat resembling her description that doesn't belong in your neighborhood, please call us at 770-938-0289. And thanks for your help.  Kathie & Noel

  • Missing Dog - Keegan - Male mixed Border Collie

Last seen in Empire Square (off Midvale Road) on Sunday, Jan. 25

Click here to read more.

Our neighbor, Jack G., forwarded this email and picture (link above):  Jack, A weeping young mother was copying pictures of her cat that is lost.  She lives off of Henderson. I thought we could help.  Jane Lee  (REWARD)  Update 1/12/08 Still missing ... please be on the lookout!

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