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Monthly Newsletter - November 2005

Dear Neighbor, 

What’s the latest news buzz in your Henderson Road neighborhood?  The following are just a few of things that I’ve heard and wanted to pass along.

Your Vote Counts!

Don’t Forget …  Rezoning Public Hearing

DeKalb Property Tax Public Forum

What’s your future vision of Tucker?

Crime Prevention News, Etc.

Your Vote Counts!

$230 Million Bond Referendum – Tuesday, November 8 

Voters will vote Yes or No on three separate bond items:  transportation project, parks and green space project, and library project.

Are you ready to vote?  You can prepare by reviewing some of the online documentation available:

DeKalb County Voter Registration & Elections (sample ballot and bond referendum projects)

DeKalb Library  (specific info on library projects)

DeKalb Politics web site (provides the DeKalb Future Funding Commission report that is the base for the bond proposal)

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Don’t Forget …  Rezoning Public Hearing

Board of Commissioners Meeting - Tuesday, November 8, 10:00am

DeKalb County Auditorium at 1300 Commerce Drive, Decatur


Decision will made concerning the corner of Henderson Mill Rd And Henderson Rd Overpass

From R-100 to OI ... (Item # N.5 LP-05-43 change of DeKalb County land use plan)

From LDR to OPR .. (Item # N.6 Z-05-81 rezoning application)

What does this mean?  Click here for Commission Agenda details.

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DeKalb Property Tax Public Forum

Thursday, November 10, 7:00-9:00pm

4380 Memorial Drive in the Training Room of the DeKalb County Memorial Drive Government Building


“The League of Women Voters of DeKalb County and County Commissioner Kathie Gannon will host a free public forum on property tax assessments and relevant bills in the Georgia legislature.  Knowing how your property taxes are assessed and what exemptions may apply is critical to all DeKalb property owners.”  The Forum includes both a panel presentation and a question and answer period.  Read more.

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What’s your future vision of Tucker?

Community and civic organizations are interested in your opinions.

Do you like the idea of incorporation as a city?  How does the Tucker Community Foundation sound?  These are just a few of the topics to be discussed at a Forum, Thursday, November 10, 7:00pm at Tucker High School.  Visit the Tucker Civic Association website for more information. 

As part of the Tucker Livable Centers Initiative, see the “concept plans” for Tucker based on community feedback.  The next meeting is Tuesday, November 15, 7:00pm, at the Tucker Recreation Center. 

Click here for more News & Events.

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Crime Prevention News, Etc.

Neighborhood News:  I’ve received no reports of any crime/safety issues occurring in the neighborhoods around Henderson Road.  (Jenni)

Auto Theft Prevention 

The DeKalb Police Department’s Auto Theft Unit wants to stop thieves in their tracks.  In an effort to ensure citizens are informed and protected, two proactive programs have been implemented.



Note:  Sgt. Slade with the DKPD’s Auto Theft Unit will be sending more information on the programs.  I’ll forward this information to the hendersonroad.com distribution list for determining community interest.  (Jenni) 

Code Ordinances and Enforcement 

Recently, one of my neighbors was approached by two different sales representatives for the same gutter guard company within the same hour.  Not only were the sales representatives duplicating efforts, but their identification and company vans weren’t clearly marked.  Curious, my neighbor made a call to the Police and learned the company had not obtained a proper permit for door-to-door sales.  The Police followed up with the company while they were still in the area. 

Did you know there is a DeKalb County ordinance for door-to-door sales?  See Municode.com and “Chapter 15 Licenses, Permits and Miscellaneous Business Regulations” / “Article VII. Peddlers, Door-to-Door Sales and Similar Occupations” 

For more information about DeKalb Police Code Enforcement, click here.

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Summary of website links


DeKalb County Voter Registration & Elections

DeKalb Library

DeKalb Politics web site

Hendersonroad.com - Rezoning

Hendersonroad.com - News & Events

DeKalb Property Tax Public Forum

Tucker Civic Association

Tucker Livable Center Initiative

Watch Your Car Program

Vehicle Vin Etching


DKPD Code Enforcement

About hendersonroad.com 

To respect your email address privacy, the recipients received this email via blind courtesy copy (bcc).  Email addresses were provided by residents interested in staying informed of important community news, crime prevention alerts, and recent updates to hendersonroad.com

If you were forwarded this email from a neighbor and would like to have your email added to the distribution list – or – If you would like to discontinue receiving this email, click here  The mailbox is checked daily. 

** Please consider my forwarding of this information as a means to keep the Henderson Road neighborhood informed. **


Jenni, Website Coordinator

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