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Email Alert Notifications - 12/15/2005 Dog Found
UPDATE from Gretchen:  We have found a new home for "Precious"!  She is now loved and well cared for.

Dear Neighbor,

I recently received the following email note from Gretchen about a Chihuahua dog found on Henderson Road.  Please help this dog find her home!

I contacted Gretchen for any updates and as of 12/14:  “Sadly, no - we have not been able to locate her family as of yet, so any help is appreciated!  She is adorable and so sweet - I wish I could keep her myself … I will be back in town next week and if we do not locate her family by then I guess we'll start looking for her NEW family! Thanks again for helping with passing the news …”

Kind regards,
Jenni, Website Coordinator

Subject:  Found Dog in Tucker - please share this!!

From: "Gretchen" <gretchen@sponsorshippro.com>
Date: December 8, 2005 12:10:16 PM EST


I need your help!  It’s very important that this email gets passed to as many folks that you know that live in the Tucker area.  This dog was found yesterday - Wednesday 12/7, at 5:30pm, running in traffic on Henderson road, between the soccer field and 285.

She is safe with me and I really want her to find her home!!!!

Please forward this email to anyone you know in the Tucker area.

If you have a business in the area - please print and post.

Call 770-862-9144 for more information.

Thanks so much for your help!

Gretchen has posted a picture and description on the following online bulletin boards:





Female, Chihuahua dog, black and brown coloring.

Found running down Henderson Road.  Has a blue "I 'heart' Jesus" collar.

If you have lost me, please call (770) 862-9144 or e-mail gastylin@yahoo.com

So what should you do if you lose or find a pet?  See tips on pets911.com

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Please check hendersonroad.com often for more news and updates.  Email alerts will be sent as needed. 

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** Please consider my forwarding of this information as a means to keep the Henderson Road neighborhood informed. ** 

Jenni, Website Coordinator

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