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Website by Jenni

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Monthly Newsletter - March 2006
March 17, 2006     

Dear Neighbor,

Driving along Henderson Road, it's evident that Spring is almost here with forsythia, azaleas, and cherry blossom trees in bloom.  These warmer temperatures have given many of us an opportunity to do yard work, enjoy a nice walk with family and pets, and stop along the way to visit with neighbors.  Here are several news items from Henderson Road area neighbors.

Kind regards,

Jenni, Website Coordinator



I.  Around Henderson Road


II.  Home & Garden


III.  Neighborly Tech Tips


IV.  Crime Prevention News, Etc.




I.  Around Henderson Road



Tucker Community Bluegrass Dance - March 18 - Tucker Rec Center
Dance to Live Bluegrass with the Tucker Station String Band and with Cedar Hill, "one of the most entertaining groups of any musical genre" according to reviewer Ray Morgan of the Southeastern Bluegrass Association's 'Breakdown'.

Saturday, March 18, 7-9:30pm
Tucker Recreation Center
4898 LaVista Road, Tucker

Bring the Entire Family
$8/person, $1/child; or $15/couple, children under 12 free.
$5 for Seniors, Students, Jammers, Contra & Square Dancers.

For more information, contact the Tucker Recreation Center, 770-270-6226
Presented by 3rd Saturday Social Club

Source:  TuckerToday.com



CPR Saturday - March 25 - American Red Cross

For those of you interested in becoming certified in CPR and Rescue
Breathing, here is your opportunity to do so for Free.

On Saturday March 25, the American Red Cross, along with several
other local sponsors, offer a Free (4 Hour) CPR Certification course
in many locations throughout metro Atlanta.  The ARC Certification is
good for One(1) year, and the courses have been offered every year in
their CPR Saturday promotion.  To find out more information regarding
the course itself, and the many available times and locations, click here.  The nearest location to Tucker is at the Kaiser Permanente, Crescent Medical Center, 200 Crescent Centre Pkwy, Tucker, GA, 30084 (off Northlake Pkwy, behind the Target).

Source:  Mac M., Nottaway Neighborhood Watch



Real Estate for Sale

Tell your friends and family about the houses for sale in the Henderson Road community.  You are our best referral for attracting future neighbors!

Click here to see area listings.

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II.  Home & Garden



Mulch Warning

Thanks to Pete J., Paul W., and Willis M. for bringing the following to our attention.  They recently received a notice from family and friends with a  "mulch warning”.  The email text includes the LSUAgCenter website and link to the article:  "Efforts under way to prevent spread of Formosan subterranean termites in mulch from Louisiana following hurricanes Katrina and Rita"


As supplemental information and to better understand what this means, see the following links found on the Internet:


Georgia Department of Agriculture  Press Release from Commissioner Irvin

snopes.com  Email text and recent updates on the subject

Mulch & Soil Council  Consumer tips

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III.  Neighborly Tech Tips



Websites ... Just For Fun

SorryGottaGo.com  The website name kind of says it all!


gethuman.com  The website shows you how to bypass phone trees for a long list of big companies and government offices and get through to a human.

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IV.  Crime Prevention News, Etc.



Keeping Neighborhoods Safe

Here's an interesting and informative website from Mark R., Pete J., and Jannean B.


Family Watchdog


Jannean provided these helpful tips about the site:  This website is endorsed by John Walsh.  It is legitimate.  Here's the way it works.  Enter your address and a map comes up which shows schools and your house location.  The map is pre-set at level 5 view, but you can zoom in closer to your neighborhood (from 1-5).  All the little colored boxes are sex offenders of children or adults or other offenses.  Click on a specific box for a name and picture of the person along with the crime.  Pretty amazing ... and rather scary, but at least you now have a name and face to memorize.



Recent Incidents:  Henderson Road And Area Neighborhoods

The following is a brief summary of some of the recent incidents reported by area neighbors.  The purpose for sharing this information is to raise awareness of what is happening within a few miles of Henderson Road and in DeKalb County.


This information gives us more insight into how burglars operate and what to look out for as homeowners/neighbors.


On March 16, WSB-TV aired the story:

Home Security Systems Not Stopping Thieves featuring several of the recent incidents in the Northlake/Briarcliff/La Vista Road area.


* New *

On March 18, 11Alive.com aired this story:

Combating Burglary Spree





Pangborn Road

(between Springbrook and Frazier)

Home security company detected intrusion, and police responded.  No items reported taken.
    The burglar broke the window on the kitchen door in the carport area.  When he discovered the deadbolt was not one that could be unlocked by hand, he went to the window next to the door and removed the storm window.  He broke the latch on the main window and entered the house.  This is when the burglar alarm's motion detector detected the burglar and sounded the alarm.



Briarcliff Commons

(Henderson Mill Road & Briarcliff Way)

The homeowners, Joe and Leslie, distributed the following letter to their neighborhood.  It is good information for all.

Dear Neighbors,

We hope this letter finds you all doing well. 

Please be advised that on Sunday, February 26, 2006, at approximately 4:50p.m., our home was burglarized. 

As such, we are writing all of you to, at the very least, put you on notice that, according to police, this is the fourth (4th) daytime burglary in the immediate area. Further, should any of you have any information whatsoever that could be helpful please let one of us know at your earliest convenience.

What we do know is that probably more than one person was involved. The burglars determined that no one was home (we were in fact out of town on vacation). They entered the residence in the rear by throwing a boulder through a window. They then tripped a motion sensor located in a basement hallway. Due to the fact that the alarm siren was only inside the house, apparently no neighbors heard it. The burglars then attempted to destroy the alarm system but the police had already been dispatched within Sixty (60) Seconds. The burglars grabbed what they could and fled out the front door in broad daylight carrying our possessions. The police arrived between Nine (9) and Twenty (20) minutes later.

We do not know whether or not a vehicle was used in the burglary. As such, should any of you have noticed a vehicle (even a service vehicle) at the front of the neighborhood or in our driveway, please let us know. The other robberies nearby did in fact involve vehicles that were loaded with household items. 

The detective handling our case and the others is Detective Stanfield of the Dekalb County P.D., Investigations Division. He has a few leads but needs any additional information he can get. We are in the process of adding extensive surveillance cameras to the interior and exterior of our residence to monitor motion in/and around the house. While that will certainly be helpful in the future, Detective Stanfield has suggested that each and every homeowner in the neighborhood take a few seconds extra to pay attention to cars parked around the neighborhood. If something looks at all suspicious, call 911. He also noted that often these burglars are pedestrians pretending to be selling something in order to determine whether anyone is home or not. Sometimes, they even dress up in service uniforms and drive vehicles with signs on the side. Detective Stanfield further asserted that these burglaries will not stop until someone is caught.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can give us additional information and please be safe.




Ludovie Lane

(LaVista & Briarcliff Roads)

Homeowner enters subdivision and observes green/dark colored Camry parked inside subdivision.  Car was running with lights on.  Homeowner drives in/closes garage and turns outside lights on.  Car leaves.  Homeowner is suspicious that criminals are "casing" homes and notifies neighborhood.



Ludovie Lane

(LaVista & Briarcliff Roads)

Another homeowner reports a green car is backed up and parked in her driveway.  She doesn't recognize car, and man knocks on door but doesn't respond when homeowner asked who he is.  Man/car leaves. Homeowner calls police.


Note:  A similar car description was given in the iron lawn furniture theft on 1/23/06 on Allsborough Drive.




(date updated)

Kings Court

(off Henderson Mill Road)

A neighbor witnessed a black van pull in front of the home directly across from his.  A black male got out and knocked on the front door.  When there was no answer, the man went around to the rear of the house, like an electrician or service technician would.  He broke through the small kitchen window, stole a laptop and other minor sundries.  Alarm details - it is known that a motion sensor existed but that part of the alarm system had not been activated.
    Note:  The neighbor, not aware of the recent area burglaries, wasn't suspicious of what appeared to be a service-related house call.  The technique in this incident is similar in description to the 2/26/06 on Briarcliff Commons.



Briarcliff Commons

(Henderson Mill Road & Briarcliff Way)



Homeowner was taking dog out, and the dog started to growl.  Homeowner then saw a man with a cap on crouching by the fence inside the homeowner's yard.  The man quickly climbed over the fence and disappeared.  Homeowner speculated the man was "casing" their house.
Note from Jenni, Website Coordinator:  The data summarized in the above table was collected from email sources:  Briarcliff Commons, North Briarcliff Civic Association, Woods of Henderson Neighborhood Watch.

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To respect your email address privacy, the recipients received this email via blind courtesy copy (bcc).  Email addresses were provided by residents interested in staying informed of important community news, crime prevention alerts, and recent updates to hendersonroad.com  (Currently, there are 45 email addresses subscribed to this notification.)

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** Please consider my forwarding of this information as a means to keep the Henderson Road neighborhood informed. **

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