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News & Events
Tucker/Northlake Town Hall, January 9, 2007

For more information, click on one of the following:


Meeting Flyer

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Highlights

Additional Resources


Credit/Sources:  Judge Panos; Tucker Discussions Yahoo Group

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Source:  Agenda distributed at meeting/Tucker Civic Association website
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My husband, neighbor, and I were among the 300+ in attendance at the recent Community Meeting.  We've had a chance to tell some of our neighbors about the information discussed.  I recently received the following email from a Henderson Mill Road area neighbor, Patty.  The email had been forwarded to several neighborhood groups, and as several recipients commented and I agree, it's a very good summary of the community meeting.  I contacted Matthew Stancil and with his kind permission have published his email below.



Jenni, Website Coordinator


From: Matthew Stancil

Sent: Wednesday, January 10, 2007 2:58 PM
Subject: Tucker Northlake Community Meeting Highlights

Dear neighbors,
Below is some of the information that was presented at the Community Meeting held last night at the Saint Andrews Presbyterian Church.  The purpose was to discuss concerns regarding the Tucker/Northlake area.  The meeting was heavily attended and a great deal of information was discussed.  The discussion primarily Focused on the Northlake Mall area and the downtown Tucker areas.  Here are some of the highlights!  Feel free to pass this e-mail along.
1. The Streetscape and traffic calming construction for the Lavista Road corridor (from Hyrobi to Northlake Parkway) will begin construction this year and will take about one year to complete.
2. The Northlake Mall Parisian will become a Belk.  All Parisian stores were bought by Belk.
3. The former Lazyboy store space that closed in the Publix shopping center off Lavista has been leased to a new tenant.  The owner of the shopping center said that everyone would be happy with the new tenant.  The same company also owns the complex with the Michael's and Blue Ribbon Grill as well as the complex that has the Fed Ex Kinkos.  He said they are all leased up and do not have a problem finding good tenants.
4. The individuals that bought the old Olive Garden building had attempted to turn the building into a "Gentlemen's Club" (strip club).  The use was denied by the County commission due to government building close by and the owners apologized to the community at the meeting and revealed their intention to make it an "Upscale Sports Bar".
5. An overlay district was discussed for the Tucker/Northlake area to assure that no Strip clubs or other undesirable business would be allowed to operate in the areas discussed.
6. A new Tax Allocation District was discussed similar to the one in place for Perimeter Mall as well as the Community Improvement Districts that are already in place and funded for The city of Tucker and the Northlake area.
7. There are plans in the works to build a new and larger Tucker High School on the same land the current school exists.  Plans are preliminary at this point and not much is known.
8. The former Cafe on Main restaurant that became "Camp" closed due to Camp was trying to be an upscale Dinner restaurant but could not obtain a liquor license due to a Church that occupies space across the street.
9. Northlake Mall is managed by Simon which also manages Perimeter and Lenox.  Simon has hired a new individual to manage Northlake Mall.  The individuals name is John Baker.
10. The Seimens plant at Northlake closed recently and the jobs went to Mexico and/or Brazil.
11. The Northlake Medical Center closed as well.  A physician group is looking into purchasing the building and continuing the efforts there.
12. The Northlake Inn that has daily and weekly rates is planning to renovate and become an Assisted Living facility.  Architects have drawn up the plans and the owner is gathering investors.  
13. City Hood for Tucker was discussed.
14. Law enforcement as well as education were touched on.  Quality schools = Higher property values.
15.  Regarding quality redevelopment and Revitalization of the Tucker/Northlake area:  there was a discussion that individuals in the area would like more desirable restaurants and shopping opportunities.  The former manager of Northlake Mall expressed to me in the past and the current owner of the three shopping centers around Northlake expressed that they want those kinds of tenants as well!  The way for us to get better quality businesses into our area is to e-mail and call those businesses and let them know we would support them if they opened a business in our area.  If we want REI, Liz Claiborne, Macaroni Grill, and other quality businesses we have to let them know we are here.  An e-mail campaign has begun.  Please think of some stores you would like to see in the area and let them know we are here!
The panel was great except no police or code enforcement personnel were in attendance.  There were three County Commissioners represented, our State House and State senate representatives were in attendance as well as many other local and county leadership.  I think we are all on to something as long as action is taken on all our parts and the status of items is followed up on in the next meeting.
For more information on some of the organizations and activities going on in the Tucker/Northlake area go to...
www.nlake.org - There are links on the left side of the homepage for other civic organizations.
Yahoo Groups: Tucker Notices - Notifies when there is news or announcements and Tucker Discussions - Which is a message board to post opinions and communicate with one another.
Please let me know if you have any questions...
Thank You,
Referrals from family, friends and customers are the greatest compliments that I can ever receive.

Matthew Stancil
Loan Officer
770.898.3804 office
404.964.5798 mobile
770.898.0001 fax


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Additional Notes (from Jenni):

The following is a brief list of Contacts and Website Resources if you'd like to learn more!  (click on link)

State Senator Steve Henson (alternate email is steve.henson@mindspring.com)

State Representative Kevin Levitas (current email is kevin.levitas@bellsouth.net)

Commissioner Boyer

Comissioner Rader (404.371.2863 / jrader@co.dekalb.ga.us)

Commissioner Stokes

DeKalb County Police Department

DeKalb County Office of Economic Development / Director Maria Mullins

Regency Centers (select Leasing | Properties and then GA on map for the following shopping centers:  Briarcliff Village / Briarcliff LaVista / Northlake Promenade)

Northlake Festival

Northlake Community Alliance (see Plans & Schedules page for Streetscape Plans)

Tucker Civic Association (See Document Library and Committees pages about Neighborhood Strategic Plan, etc.; February 20th Annual Meeting)

Main Street Tucker Alliance (See Projects page for Streetscapes Concept Drawing and LCI Study details)

Northlake Mall

Also mentioned:

DeKalb County Government Study Committee (study of reorganization of DeKalb County)

2007 Budget (in process of being reviewed by DeKalb County Board of Commissioners) 

Sample retail businesses/corporate contact info:


Liz Claiborne

Macaroni Grill

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