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Monthly Newsletter - June 2006
June 19, 2006

Dear Neighbor,




As we kick off the beginning of Summer,

here are several news items that I've heard

about from Henderson Road area neighbors and wanted to pass along to you.



Jenni, Website Coordinator



I.  Henderson Road News Buzz

    Henderson Park:  Future Plans

    For Sale on Henderson Road


II.  Contractor Referrals


III.  Crime Prevention News, Etc.




I.  Henderson Road News Buzz



Henderson Park:  Future Plans

Located at 2803 Henderson Road, Tucker

120 acres (7 acres newly acquired by the county through the Greenspace Program)

I’ve received several inquiries about Henderson Park and plans for the two properties adjacent to the soccer field on Henderson Road.  Both houses have been demolished.  Rumors have included:  One house would be used for community meetings; One or both of the properties will be paved for additional parking.  A neighbor commented that she would rather see the property remain natural with a walking path rather than more concrete/asphalt from the Henderson Road residential view.  Another neighbor commented that he and his neighbors are very much interested what the short term plans are for the park and to save the trees and the long term plans for making these properties an integral part of the park and the neighborhood.

(Hover your mouse over pictures for picture information)

Jeffrey Skelton, Commissioner Boyer’s appointee to the DeKalb County Parks & Recreation Citizen’s Advisory Board, shared the following:  “I too live close to the park and share your interest in the preservation of the area.  Let me assure you Commissioner Boyer has a plan for the land that has been acquired next to the soccer fields.  It will become a passive park.  There will be some mix of family activity offerings similar to what is found on the other side of Henderson Park.  The land will not be clear cut.  There will be schedule maintenance/preservation of the property.”  In the Park’s Board meeting in May, the staff confirmed that the houses torn down on Henderson Road next to the soccer fields will not be paved for parking.  This will be a passive park.

For more information about Henderson Park and DeKalb County’s Greenspace Program, please visit the following websites:

DeKalb Greenspace


DeKalb Greenspace Program Underway


DeKalb County Parks & Recreation



Jeffrey Skelton ........ Henderson Road area homeowner / DeKalb County Parks & Recreation Citizen’s Advisory Board
Jenni Wasmer ......... Website Coordinator

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For Sale on Henderson Road


Several of the hendersonroad.com readers have asked about the sign in front of

3087 Henderson Road (corner of Henderson Road and Peppermint Drive).

Ziad Nassar and family have lived in the house for 15 years.  They remodeled the house located directly behind and moved from Henderson Road once their "new" house was complete.

Located on two-thirds of an acre, the existing split level house (2,300 square feet) will be transformed into a large modern home (4,400 square feet).  Ziad would like to presell the house so the new owners could build to their specifications.  The remodeling project is tentatively scheduled to start in June 2006 with work to be completed in 6 months or less, depending upon presell and the buyer's needs.

(Click on picture for larger view)

Ziad asks that you contact him with any questions that you may have.  Sketches and details for the house are available on his website.  Click here
Ziad Nasser ....... Henderson Road homeowner
Jenni Wasmer ... Website Coordinator




II.  Contractor Referrals



Our neighbor, Sharon H. asks:


Do you know of any yard service for regular mowing?  Our service went out of business and we need someone for home and work.  Please advise.  The company recommended on Contractor Referrals only does chemicals.


Click here to send Sharon your referral.

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III.  Crime Prevention News, Etc.



For a brief summary of recent incidents reported by Henderson Road and Tucker/DeKalb area neighbors, click here

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