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Recent Incidents:  Around Henderson Road & Tucker

The following is a brief summary and consolidated view of crime related  incidents/observations reported by area neighbors and through various neighborhood watch and civic association email lists.


The purpose for sharing this information is to raise awareness of what is happening within a few miles of Henderson Road and Tucker/DeKalb.  This information gives us more insight into how burglars operate and what to look out for as homeowners/neighbors.


Credit/Sources include:  Henderson Road Neighborhood, Briarcliff Commons, North Briarcliff Civic Association, Woods of Henderson Neighborhood Watch, Tucker Notices Yahoo group, Winding Woods Neighborhood Watch, Glynbrook Neighborhood Watch, Shenandoah Valley Yahoo group, Regal Forest Neighborhood Watch.

Visit ScanDeKalb.com website for live radio communications and chat room discussion on county incidents.


Visit dekalbpolice.com DeKalb County Police Department's website for newsletters and press releases.


Visit Crime Stoppers Atlanta.  DeKalb County Police Dept. are a participating agency.


Community Notices from DeKalb Police Dept. Precincts:

Viewing the notice requires Adobe Reader.  Click the button below if you need Adobe Reader.



Door to Door Sales - Details about Permits and Ordinance

Permits are issued through the DeKalb Police Department and must be visible on the sales person.  The official permit includes the following:

  • Permit number at the top
  • The words "Door to Door Sales"
  • Sales person's picture is on the left
  • Sales person's name and company name
  • Date issued and expiration date
  • DeKalb Police Chief Bolton's name and signature
  • DeKalb County seal is in background

Visit Municode.com and "Chapter 15 Licenses, Permits and Miscellaneous Business Regulations" / "Article VII. Peddlers, Door-to-Door Sales and Similar Occupations"

Source:  Researched by Jenni with DeKalb County Police Dept., October 2007

DKPD CRIMETRAC (click on link to run search)

Incidents Observed by Neighbors:

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Date Occurred Location Incident Summary
10/22/14 @ 3-4:30 PM Burglary on Aspen Court Henderson Road (west)  Homeowners were not home.  Thieves busted the front door jam and took computer and big screen television (left all the cords and printer).  Police officer responded and mentioned it may be duo described as large black man and white woman in a landscaping truck van.  (Source:  Regal Forest Neighborhood Watch)
9/29/14 Burglary on Peppermint Drive - Henderson Road (west) Homeowner returned home from short errand (approx. 11 am to Noon) to find her home had been burglarized.  Jewelry and money were taken.  Police were called and responded.  (Source:  Regal Forest Neighborhood Watch)
8/23/14 @ 10:05 PM Henderson Road (west) near Caraway Drive and Henderson Chase area Gun shots - On Saturday, 8/23 around 10:05 PM, neighbors (Caraway Drive, Regal Way, Henderson Chase, Peppermint Drive, Empire Square) report hearing six shots of rapid automatic gun fire believed to be in the area of Henderson Road, Regal Way and Henderson Chase.  Police 911 were called and responded and met with RFNW Block Captain.  Police patrolled the area.  In the future if you hear gun shots, please call 911 immediately to alert Police.  Update:  Shell casings were collected along sidewalk and in street, half way up hill between the overpass and Caraway Drive.  Police have been contacted.

Incident earlier:  On Tuesday, 8/19 between 2:35 a.m. to 2:40 a.m., Regal Way neighbors report hearing multiple gun shots.  Neighbors observed a speeding car going quickly down Regal Way in both directions.  Police are being notified.  (Source:  Regal Forest Neighborhood Watch)

6/13/14 @ 3:40 AM Henderson Road area Perpetrator / Prowler - Friday morning, 6/13/14, homeowner found back yard gates open.  Perpetrator was seen on home security cameras at 3:40 a.m. going around homes and to vehicles looking for opportunities.  Information and video capture was forwarded to DeKalb Police Department.

6/5/14 Henderson Park

Man Shot, Killed at DeKalb Park - "A couple of adult individuals were at the park and one of them had a gun, which discharged, striking the other subject, fatally wounding him.  The shooting appears to be accidental and a dive team was at the park yesterday (6/12/14) looking for the weapon which we believed was tossed into the lake." (Al Fowler, DeKalb Police Public Education Specialist)  Click here for ajc.com article.  (Source:  Regal Forest Neighborhood Watch)

6/4/14 Landeau Circle (Midvale Road area) Car Broken into - Car in carport was unlocked but the perpertrator took diaper bag and left on the side of the house with all the contents strewn about on the lawn.  The car was pilfered through stuff in glove box left on the front seat.  Nothing was taken because I don't leave valuables in the car.  (Carri, homeowner)
4/2/14 approx. 4:15 am Henderson Road area

Stealing Comcast amplifier from cable box - Two men in dual wheel pick-up stopped in front of our house - passenger got out - removed cover from cable box - cut out the amplifier - in 2 minutes they were gone.  We have recently installed cameras around our house.  We were able to look back at  the recorded motion and were able to give the Comcast Security officer the video.  It was very dark at the time but Comcast said that they believe they can work with the video to identify the truck.   We are able to record all vehicles that enter Henderson Summit.  According to Comcast five of these amplifiers were stolen the same night.  This is only making our cable more expensive.  The vehicle had a row of lights on top of the cab.   The Comcast Officer suggested that we could better monitor the neighborhood if we did not park cars on the street.  (Phil, Henderson Summit)

3/23/14 through 3/24/14 Evans Road Multiple reports of contents stolen from vehicles off Evans Road - Homeowner provided photos of possible suspect.  It's reported this person was seen walking along Henderson Road on 3/24 around 7:15 pm.  (Northbrook area Neighborhood Watch)

Sunday, 3/23, Night - Townley Circle - Misc. items including wallet taken.  Credit card used at gas station at 3:45 am.


Monday, 3/24, Early Morning - Umberland Drive - Contents stolen from unlocked van at 3:45 am. Homeowner captured pictures of possible suspect.  Also reports of other cars rifled through, and ear buds taken.  Whitby Drive - $10 and driver's license stolen from vehicle.


3/21/14 Hershey Lane (off Henderson Road)

The burglars broke through the carport door and took homeowner’s TVs and remote controls and a laptop.  (Candy Heights Neighborhood Watch)

3/1/14 Henderson Park Soccer Parking Lot Just wanted to alert you and the neighborhood that this past Saturday (3/1/14), I was at the TYSA fields and my driver's side window was broken and my purse stolen from under my seat. They were probably watching me walk away.  A person at the fields also said Friday night that another vehicle was broken in to.  They went on a spending spree to Tucker Kroger, Home Goods and Shell.  (Source:  Mary Beth)
Thursday, 2/13/14 Morning Henderson Chase Court At least 4 cars parked on the street were broken into.  The credit cards stolen were used within 2 hours.  Car locks may have been popped.  (Source:  Henderson Chase neighbor)
Tuesday, 2/4/14 Midnight-5:45 a.m. Peppermint Drive Locked black 2008 Honda Accord was stolen from our carport.  No sign of breaking into the car was visible.  Police were called.  (Source:  Regal Forest Neighborhood Watch)
September 2013

Click link for WSB-TV story:

DeKalb Co. neighborhood considers cityhood in wake of crime wave


Click link for WSB Radio story:

DeKalb County Man Arrested For A String of Break-Ins

5/18-5/19/2013 Midvale Road/Landau Circle Two of my neighbors got burglarized last night 5/18 -19. 1 house across from me on Midvale. They got 3 computers and purse stole. Burglars came through unlocked window. House across on Landau Cir had laptop and purse stole plus car keys. Landau cir house left door unlocked.
4/27/2013 Henderson Road




An elderly neighbor answered her door and some men in a red truck asked if she wanted her grass cut.  When she said yes they asked her to come outside and show them where they should cut. While she was distracted one or more of them went inside her house and stole silver, jewelry, and money from her wallet.  (Source:  email from Henderson Road area neighbor)
4/8/2013 Chamblee Tucker Road/Northcrest Road area

Police Seeking Leads in DeKalb Neighborhood Break-Ins

WSB-TV news story

1/4/2013 Briarcliff Road/Imperial Drive area

Teen Describes Encounter with Burglar

Click here for WSBTV story.


5:30 p.m.

Subdivision behind Henderson Park

Dog Shot with arrow on homeowners' front lawn behind Henderson Park

DeKalb Residents on Edge after Dog Shot by Arrow  ajc.com article

DeKalb Family Dog Shot by Arrow  WSB-TV article


4:45 a.m.

Village at Northlake Apts (Parklane Drive)

Two people robbed at gunpoint by two men in secured-access hallway of parking deck.  Purses taken.  Police responded.



Briarcliff Commons (between Briarcliff and Henderson Mill Roads)

Car Break-Ins - 

click here for WSB-TV story



Henderson Road

Burglary Attempt

Case Number: 11-117749

Date: 10/19/2011 12:55 PM


Description: BURGLARY ATTEMPT 16-7-1

Source:  Crimemapping.com



Peppermint Drive

(off Henderson Road)

Car Jacking at Briarcliff Village  

"You may have heard, an Evansdale staff member was carjacked Wednesday afternoon (10/19) in the Briarcliff Village parking lot after shopping at Party City for the Pink Pajama Jam. She is okay but very shaken as you can imagine. She was putting items in her trunk when a man got into her driver’s seat. She approached  the man, he produced a gun and demanded Keys and cell phone.  Then he allowed her to walk away. Folks, Be careful, do not approach a man that gets in your car. Be  aware of people loitering around you. It seems as if we are entering into our holiday crime pattern early this year. Please spread the word to your neighborhood watch leaders, friends, and neighbors to let folks know to be extra cautious when out shopping. (Source: Embry Hills Neighborhood Watch)


2:45 pm

Peppermint Drive

(off Henderson Road)

Unsolicited Sales

"A Peppermint Drive neighbor reported the following event which took place:  An unsolicited person that came to my door at 2:45 pm Monday, August 29.  A young Caucasian girl about 5'1" with long dark hair and olive skin came to the door in a purple dress holding a bottle of Snuggle fabric softener.  My husband thought it was someone we knew and opened the glass door to the carport.  She walked very quickly and put a Snuggle bottle on the counter where I was working and said she represented a company that was offering carpet cleaning and/or 3 pieces of furniture in this neighborhood.  I told her no and she tried to talk more.  We both were saying no and she took the bottle off the counter and left never stating the name of the company.  I called 911 immediately and reported this incident.  The girl was driving a large dark SUV and had it parked in the driveway making my husband think it was someone I must know."  (Source:  Regal Forest Neighborhood Watch)


11:50 pm

Regal Way

(off Henderson Road)


"Neighbor observed and called 911 to report theft in progress; thieves were shopping and taking things from a yard sale.  Two suspects wearing ball caps and shorts carried items across Henderson Road to parked car on Aspen Court.  The car, with its trunk lid up and partially burned out driver side tail light, turned onto Henderson Road.  Three police cars responded and interviewed neighbor and homeowner.  Yard sale items were taken from driveway.  Police were thanked for their quick response.  Police are on the look about for the car and suspects.  This is a reminder to please keep yards clear of any belongings and lock car doors.  Be alert!"  (Source:  Regal Forest Neighborhood Watch)



Henderson Estates

(Chamblee Tucker & Evans Road area)

Suspicious Activity

"This afternoon a white boxy car (possibly a Kia) pulled up in two different drives.  The first person told them to leave the neighborhood.  They then went to the other side of Henderson Estates and seeing an elderly neighbor in the yard pulled in the driveway and one got out, ran to her and hugged her saying it had been a long time since they had seen her.  She wanted the neighbor to meet her baby.( Young lady in her 20s and another young lady in 30s.)   This neighbor walked to the car (trying to remember if she knew this person)  and spoke to a girl around 7 years of age.  They said they were hot and could they talk in the house.  (You see all the red flags, don't you????)  They went into the house and starting telling all kinds of problems and asked for $100.00.  (They had dark hair, dark brown eyes and olive complexions) This person did not give any money.  The neighbor was told by another neighbor  that she should call 911 and she  did.  Three (3) police officers came and made out a ticket.  Said that they would be patrolling the neighborhood all night.

Also, a new model truck with an olive complexion male was pulling up into driveways attempting to make a sale of some kind today.  Be very careful! 

The police suggested that we put this information out immediately and tell anyone seeing either of these two vehicles in their neighborhood to watch them and call 911 immediately.  This is the only way we can catch these people who are a threat to people in our neighborhood.

If you saw these persons and they came up to you please call 91 and then call one of us. 

Please, please do not talk with strangers, and do not go near their cars or invite them into your home.  Be very leery about strangers, no matter how nice they look.  Criminals come in all different sizes, shapes and colors.  Please remember to keep an extra eye out for the children this summer.   We are a neighborhood committed to look out for each other!(Source:  Henderson Estates Neighborhood Watch)



Livsey Trail

(area behind Livsey Elementary)

Car break-in

" ... Car was parked up alongside the garage ... outside house lights were turned on as normal ... Owner thought they had locked the car but must not have because no signs of forced entry.  GPS was stolen .."  (Source:  Henderson Road neighbor, Sharon)


Allsborough Drive area/Berkshire Subdivision

Car break-in

Homeowner reports GPS and purse stolen from car in driveway.  (Source:  Berkshire Subdivision)


Henderson Summit

Missing Entry Sign - police report filed

(Source:  Henderson Summit HOA)



Northlake Creek Subdivision

Truck break-in

Northlake Creek Drive - Someone entered my husband's unlocked truck.  We hadn't left anything of value in the vehicle.  A bit of change was all that was taken. The glove compartment and console were left open.  This has been reported to the police.  I just wanted to give notice that someone is entering vehicles again. (Source:  Homeowner, Sue)



Bolero Way

(off Henderson Mill Road)

Truck break-in

I just thought I would let everyone know that my son's truck was broken into last night on Bolero Way.  The left rear window was smashed.  (Source:  Woods of Henderson Neighborhood Watch)



Northlake Creek Subdivision

Two car break-ins

Northlake Creek Court - We had our car broken into last night.  Stolen was our GPS, Radio & checkbook.  Still figuring out what else was taken.  Northrup Drive - Neighbor's truck was broken into last night in the driveway.  Two handguns were stolen, flashlight, and income tax papers.  I would say it was between 1:30 and 5:00.  My dogs were barking viciously at one time, but I did not get up because I just thought it was the coyote again.  We have called and reported to police over the phone.  (Source:  Homeowner, Jack)



Henderson Road

Stolen guitar - childhood treasure

Homeowner reports:  "We left the house on Friday afternoon, March 11th and returned to find that someone had entered the house through an open sliding glass door. There was a guitar next to the door that was stolen. The guitar was a childhood treasure that had been painted on by me. The guitar had the name "Julia" painted on it. This may have been a theft by children, since the computer and telescope next to the guitar were not stolen."



Gladney Drive

(off Evans Road)

Attempted Home Break-In

Attempted break-in occurred in the 3800 block of Gladney Drive,  The owners were not at home but their alarm system sounded and called the police.  The would-be burglar(s) left but not before doing damaged to the door frame and the door (carport).  A neighbor saw a silver car in the driveway around 11:00 AM.  (Source:  Henderson Estates Neighborhood Watch)


10:00 p.m

La Vista Road/Northlake area


"Assault by four "kids" (young men, possibly teenagers, hooded) at Huntington
Condominiums on Lavista Road inside 285.  Took the man's wallet, cell phone, leather jacket, and large bunch of keys.  The phone was traced to Lithonia before it was turned off by the robbers." 
(Source:  Resident of Huntington, Tucker Notices Yahoo Board)


4:00 p.m.

Henderson Creek Road


"homeowner reports her house was broken into yesterday around 4 pm.  The burglars kicked in the carport door while they were away despite the ADT sign that was posted.  They took the wide screen TV and laptop computer, but did not bother anything else.  Homeowner suspects the burglars saw that no cars were home.  Their alarm system was not turned on. (Source:  Woods of Henderson Neighborhood Watch)


12:30 a.m.

Midvale Road area

Potential casing of home

"one homeowner was at work, another in the basement watching a movie with visiting family memberAll of the lights upstairs were off, all of a sudden someone started literally banging on the door and ringing the bell over and over…(homeowner) was  very surprised by this and ran upstairs!, he looked out the window there was NO  one there. They went outside to look for someone while shouting a warning as they called 911. The operator told him that this IS a common tactic among thieves who are casing houses around the holidays.  They bang on the doors to see if there is any activity in the house or to see if there is an alarm system, if  not, they break through the door and take what they can. Homeowner asked that they send a squad car to the neighborhood to look around and at least to show a police presence. This is very scary, especially when so many people are away for the holidays! Thought you should know so that you can be safe and also know you will pass this on! We were curious if this may have happened to anyone else in the neighborhood."  (Source:  Empire Square Neighborhood Watch)


Embry Hills area

Purse snatching

A Chamblee/Tucker area homeowner "... called Friday to report that a friend of hers had her purse snatched from her car at the Embry Hills Kroger that day. She had just been to the Wells Fargo bank in that parking lot and withdrew $300 in cash. She believes that the perpetrator was watching her. When she parked her car near Kroger, she was approached by a man (clean cut and well dressed). He told her that the tire pressure in one of her back tires was low. When she went to the back of the car to look, another man reached into the car and took her purse from the seat. She believes that the two men fled on foot as no car was seen. No one else in the vicinity witnessed anything that would be of help to the police. Let this be a warning to be alert and aware this season."  (Sources:  Chamblee/Tucker area neighborhoods)

Oct. 2010

Northlake area

Residential thefts

"Another small loss but they add up. Sometime within the last week, October 18-22, a large Craftsman shop vac was taken from the carport of a home on Nancy Lane, a street running between Melinda Drive and Sherbrooke Drive, off of Shallowford."

"Someone attempted to steal a 95 Honda Accord from the Church in Atlanta parking lot, Oct. 22 after 1:30am.  They gained access and broke the steering column.  However, fortunately for the owner, they were unable to steal the car.  The Church in Atlanta is located at the corner of Braircliff Rd. & Shallowford Rd.  at 2345 Shallowford Rd."

"On Glenbriar Drive, last night (Sunday, 10/24 some time between 5p and 6a Monday morning) someone cut the chain off the ladder in my truck and the lock off the street side of my tool box and stole my ladder and an extension cord.  Not a huge loss, but noteworthy nonetheless."

"Today, Oct 25th, around 10:30 am a black Toyota Tundra  with windows blacked out was going to houses in the Cul De Sac on Lake Flair Circle where there were no cars in the carport.  He took a ladder from one neighbor and could not tell what he got from the 2 other houses he went to.  He is a 5'9" to 5'11" with balding short blond/grey hair . Approximate age 27 to 35.  Police were called with description of person and vehicle."

1"0/27/10 overnight -  our red Honda delSol was stolen from our carport at the corner of
Brookdale Dr. & Overlook"  (
Sources:  North Briarcliff Org, Woods of Henderson NW)

Aug-Sept 2010

Peppermint Court - Payton Road residences,

Embry Hills - Clairmont Road businesses (Tucker/Northlake/Atlanta areas)

Commercial and Residential Air Conditioner Units Thefts

Peppermint Court neighbor reports theft of AC condenser stolen during daylight hours on 8/21/10 ... Before Labor Day weekend, two AC units were stolen from a home on Payton Road while the family was in the house. They said that "In the afternoon, someone backed their vehicle through our yard and stole two of our air conditioner units.  Police reports were made.  (Source:  Regal Forest Neighborhood Watch, North Briarcliff NW )



Shabromat Way

(off Henderson Mill Road)

Purse Snatchings

"A neighbor on Shabromat had her purse snatched off her arm in her driveway.  Please look out for an African-American male on foot wearing a white shirt, plaid shorts and cap. Victim called 911.  Details:  Perp(s) followed her from United Community Bank drive through at Embry Hills.  They used one of her cards at the QT on Briarcliff and Clairmont.  Perp ran up Shabromat to Embry Circle and may have cut through one of the yards back to Henderson Mill to get-away car.  Be careful, neighbors.  Look around whenever you approach home and while you park.  Be aware of folk you don't recognize."  (Source:  Embry Hills Neighborhood Watch)



Embry Hills shopping area

Purse Snatchings

"Please alert all your Community to the fact that Wednesday, July 21 and also earlier this week 2 elderly ladies have been followed home from the Kroger’s at Embry Hills and their Purses have been snatched.  The suspect appears to be an unknown black male, approximately 5’4’ and 125-130 lbs.  The incidents are occurring between 9am and 11am.  So if you see anyone acting suspicious (especially fitting this description), call 911 and BE CAREFUL.  (Source:  Various Neighborhood groups)



Northlake Mall

Four Arrested In Robbery, Shooting Outside Northlake Mall  Click here for TV story.



Whitfield Cove

(LaVista and Crestcliff Roads)

Home Break-In

"Home was broken into by male (some witnesses say African American/some witnesses say Hispanic) who kicked in front door. Alert neighbors who noticed suspicious car and activity called 911. Several police cars responded quickly and apprehended the driver of the get away car. The male who entered home ran away and did not manage to take anything.  
Special thanks to those alert neighbors and the quick response by police!"

(Source:  Tucker Notices Yahoo group)


Embry Hills Apartments

(near Chamblee Tucker Road)

Vehicle stolen.  Gray Caprice taken from the Embry Hills Apartments.  Police called.  (Source:  Embry Hills Neighborhood Watch)



Drew Valley/Buford Hwy

Couple Steals UPS Packages, Sell Items On Ebay  Click here for TV story.

"On 4/4/2010 at 2200 hours Detectives William's and Buynoski with the assistance of North precincts NET team executed a search warrant at   XXXX Drew Valley Road. This was in response to numerous thefts of UPS packages being stolen from addresses in the north precinct. Detectives were able to canvass the neighborhoods and obtained detailed descriptions of the suspects that led them to to the Drew Valley address. The detectives located numerous boxes with mostly north Atlanta addresses. Arrested was a XX  yoa,  X/X  Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, and  XX yoa,  X/X  Xxxxxx Xxxxxx. The couple was stealing the packages and placing the items on E-Bay for sale. The detectives are in the process of identifying victims for the return of property. 10-034561"  (Source:  Woods of Henderson and Briarcliff Woods Neighborhood Watch)



Oak Grove & Greenglade Rds

(off Oak Grove Road)

Home Invasion

Security Alert from Oak Grove UMC:

Dear Oak Grove Member
This past Monday, 4/5/10, a church member's home was invaded by a male individual who robbed the couple at knife-point. This action caused a church lock-down and a community sweep by the Dekalb County Police and Canine Units. Fortunately, our members were not physically harmed. Unfortunately, the perpetrator was not apprehended.

Yesterday, another armed robbery occurred in our community as well. Today, the Dekalb County Police Mobile Command Unit is parked in our lower parking lot across from YCS on FairOaks road. The mobile units are combing the area as well.

I am in continued contact with DeKalb Police Department through my contacts and will seek to keep you apprised as develops are shared.

This Security Alert is not designed to alarm but inform and heighten your awareness for self, your property and community. If at anytime you observe anything or anyone out of the ordinary do not hesitate to contact 911.

I have listed some safety techniques to keep in mind:

  • Install solid core doors, heavy duty locks, and window security devices
  • Lock all doors, windows, and garages at all times
  • Use four three-inch screws to secure heavy duty lock strike plates in the door frame
  • Use the door peephole BEFORE opening the door
  • Use your porch light to help you to see clearly outside
  • Never rely on a chain-latch as a barrier to partially open the door
  • Never open the door to strangers or solicitors
  • Call the police if the stranger acts suspicious
  • Alert your neighbors to suspicious solicitors
  • Hold a family meeting to discuss home security plans
  • Set the home perimeter alarm at night, if you have one
  • If you are going out of town make sure you inform your neighbor so that he/she may watch out for your property and home
  • Make sure you know your neighbors and have their telephone number handy
  • Anytime you come home and drive up in your driveway, look around and observe your property BEFORE getting out of the car

Regardless of where you are or what you are doing: ALWAYS BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS.

Again, NEVER hesitate to contact 911 when something doesn't seem right.

(Source:  Tucker and Briarcliff neighborhood email lists)



Bolero Drive

(off Henderson Mill Road)

Theft of garage tools

"We wanted to let you know of an incident at our home this past Saturday. At approximately 6:30 in the evening (in complete daylight) Tom and Liam had just come in the house and had the garage door open with one of our cars in the garage and one parked in front of it in the driveway. Within about 5 minutes Liam was heading back out to play basketball and found a man helping himself to our tools in the garage closet. Liam yelled “Hey” at him and then yelled in to us, “ Dad there is a man taking your compressor!”  I was just a second or two behind Liam on my way to move our car and saw the man getting into his car which was pulled all the way up our driveway. He threw the car in reverse and I ran out yelling at him and followed him down the driveway screaming as loudly as I could. His car stalled out in the street long enough for me to get a good look at his face and Tom to get a partial license plate.  He was driving a newer model dark slate gray Dodge Durango with a handicap plate with a wheel chair logo beginning with the letters DL….  He was a tall (about 6 ft) black man with slightly graying hair, wearing a ball cap. We think he was likely in his 40-50s (although we are all not quite in agreement as to his age).  Unfortunately, this all happened so fast that we were unable to do much more and wish we had had a cell phone to have been able to take a picture of the man and his license plate but did not have one handy.    

We called 911 immediately and they sent a policeman within about 10 minutes and we filed a police report.  Now we are just another statistic in our neighborhood.  If you see the described car in the neighborhood again, please get the license plate number and report it. 

Luckily no one was hurt in this incident but it is sad that this story is becoming so common place.  Please share this with our neighbors."  (Source:  Woods of Henderson Neighborhood Watch)



Greenbrook Way

in Greenwood Acres

(off of Briarlake Road also very close to the intersection of Briarcliff and Henderson Mill Roads)

Auto Break-in

"We have an open carport that is in the back of the house (i.e. it does not face the road, you have to come around to the back of the house to get to the carport.)  This morning, both my  husband’s car and my car had been broken into.  Both cars were unlocked and had nothing of importance in them, so besides some loose change, nothing was taken that we noticed.  They simply opened the car door and then went through our glove compartments, arm rests, and any other compartments that they could find.  We knew they had been there because they left our car doors somewhat open, and left all of the compartments open."  (Source:  homeowner Leslie)

2/5/2010 Northlake Mall Jewelry store robbery:  Click here for news story.




Thornridge Way

(between Thornbriar Rd/Livsey Ct.)

House Break-in

"Wanted to make everyone aware that my neighbor's house on Thornridge Way was broken into today between 12:00 noon - 4:00 pm.  Someone went in through the sliding glass doors off of a back porch and took quite a bit--a tv, alot of jewelry (both expensive and costume)--even took the drawers that the jewelry was stored in, coin(s), moved mattresses off beds, and took purses out of the closet.  She is continuing to take inventory for the police report.  They left her computer and silver, but did go thru the mail that was on the kitchen table where bills were being paid.  Unfortunately, no one around me was at home during these hours, so nobody saw anything.  The good thing was that my neighbor was not at home at the time of the breakin.  Police were notified and report was filed. (Source:  Email forwarded by' Henderson Road neighbor)



Nottaway Court

(off Chamblee Tucker Rd)

Home Invasion

"..resident on Nottaway was awaken from her bed by an individual shinning a flash light in her face. She said "hello" and the criminal that entered her home ran off.  It seems that the individual entered from a back window. Police were called and a report was taken."  (Source:  Email forwarded by' Henderson Road neighbor)


Henderson Park

Auto Break-in

"...a woman had parked her car in the tennis court lot, after arriving she put her purse in the trunk--thinking it would be out of sight and safe.  Upon her return to her car, she found that her windshield had been smashed, the trunk button pushed, and her purse and contents were gone.  THIS SAYS, at least to me, THAT SOMEONE IS WATCHING THE LOTS, PROBABLY FROM THE WOODS AND ESPECIALLY ON SATS. AND SUN. WHEN SPORTS EVENTS (CROWDS) ARE PARKING IN THE LOTS.  I was up in the lot yesterday and observed that not only was there smashed glass from one car, but probably 4-5 additional cars. I have not been to the lower lot near the lake, so don't know if it's occurring there or not."  Police were notified.  (Source:  Email forwarded by' Henderson Road neighbor)

12/23/09 around 1PM

Bonaparte Drive

(off Chamblee Tucker Road)

Home break-in

"front door was kicked in and a laptop computer was stolen.  No one was home at the time, and neighbors on both sides were unaware that anything had happened.  The DeKalb police officer who came out yesterday evening said that it was the 132nd break-in she had recorded since she came on duty at 3PM yesterday."  (Source:  Email forwarded by Henderson Road neighbor)

12/21/09 9PM 

Peppermint Drive

(off Henderson Road)


Neighbor saw teenage girls running from homeowner's yard, jumping in tan Honda CRV stopped in middle of road, and sped off.  Reindeer yard decorations had been tampered with.  Neighborhood Watch followed procedure and contacted the police.  Police responded and took  license plate number and information in case more serious damage observed later.  (Source:  Regal Forest Neighborhood Watch)

12/13/09 10PM-

12/14/09 9AM

Kings Arms Drive

(off Henderson Mill Road)


Homeowner reports her parents' car broken into.

Someone broke a car window and stole a GPS system from the car.  The GPS was "loose" i.e. not installed in the dash, but was sitting in the back seat of the car and visible from the outside.  It must have been a quick "smash and grab" as we did not hear anything that evening and the car was parked about 15 feet from 2 bedroom windows.  There were 4 boxes/bags of Christmas gifts in the car that were NOT taken.  We did call the police and an officer came out to make a report.  We also reported it to our Neighborhood Watch.  The police officer said that they've been getting about 4 reports of break-ins per day lately, an increase due to the holiday season.  Definitely a wake-up call not to leave anything of value in the car.



Bolero Drive

(off Henderson Mill Road)

Homeowner reports home invasion:

We had an individual enter our house while I was home by myself. After ringing the front doorbell hundreds of times and throwing large tree branches at our windows, she went into my car, got the garage door opener, opened the garage and proceeded to come into our home.  By this time, I had 911 on the phone and was instructed to lock myself in our master bedroom bathroom.  By the time the police arrived (three separate units, within about 10 minutes, which I was VERY happy about) she was kicking the bedroom door and was one more door away from getting to me.  The police escorted her out of our home and a report has been filed with the DeKalb County Police Department.  This individual is a Caucasian female with brown hair.  She is approximately 5'4" and weighs around 250 pounds.  She is currently off of medication for Bipolar Disorder and Severe Depression and is a potential danger to anyone with whom she comes into contact.  She drives a new model Nissan Sentra with North Carolina tags.  The car is either silver or tan.  Update from homeowner:  This was an isolated incident that has been resolved in court.



Regal Way

(located off Henderson Road)

Homeowner reports that he and his dog spotted a burglar (male believed to be wearing glasses) in the process of stealing a back hoe (tractor) from their front yard.  Police were called and arrived in time to see the thief run from the scene and between houses into the Henderson Chase neighborhood.  Police were not able to apprehend the suspect.

(Source:  Regal Forest Neighborhood Watch)


SunTrust Bank at Embry Hills Shopping Center

Bank Employee Shot During Robbery

TV news video & story 11/2/09

TV news video 11/3/09 update


DeKalb County Police Bulletin - Community Info. Update

INCIDENT TYPE: Aggravated Assault - Person Shot       Armed Robbery – SunTrust Bank

LOCATION:         3603 Chamblee Tucker Road

DATE AND TIME: November 2, 2009

VICTIM/AGES:    1. __________________        

INCIDENT SUMMARY: Units responded to the above incident location on a person shot call / armed robbery of the SunTrust Bank. Upon our arrival, bank management confirmed the armed robbery and advised of an employee inside that received a gunshot wound to the right upper leg. EMS/Fire responded for treatment and transported the victim to Atlanta Med. Center .  Further investigation revealed that the suspects listed below made entry into the bank and began yelling for everyone to get down on the floor. They both displayed handguns. As they approached the teller window, one suspect shot the victim while the teller was handing an undetermined amount of cash over to the suspect. Once the shot was fired, the suspects fled the scene on foot, observed by witnesses running across Chamblee Tucker Road .  The lookout on the suspects was broadcast as listed below.  While in the area, units located additional evidence which appeared to be a red wig and a black baseball cap. These items were worn by the suspects during the robbery. Major Felony, FBI, Secret Service and Tucker Units responded to the scene to assist... Additional witnesses observed the suspects getting into a black or dark blue mini-van and was last seen on Old Chamblee Tucker Road.

SUSPECTS DESCRIPTIONS:  1. Black Male, approx 6’2”, 180lbs light complexion wearing a black baseball cap with and orange “B” on it.  2. Black Male, 5’8” 165lbs, dark skin, wearing a black hat, black bandana and black t-shirt, blue jeans and white tennis shoes.    

DETECTIVE NOTIFIED: Capt. G. Cohurst (On Scene)      

CRIME SCENE UNIT NOTIFIED: Yes; responded to the location

MEDIA ON SITE: Yes; Channels 2, 5, 11 and 46.



Flair Knoll Court

(near Briarcliff & Shallowford Rd)

Magazine scam? - Girls going door-to-door soliciting funds to help pay for a trip to somewhere.  Mentioning a gym but smelling like they smoke.  (Source:  North Briarcliff NW email)


Northlake area

Home Break-Ins and Robberies

Home broken into on Coralwood Court (off Lavista Road near Oak Grove Road) ... two black men (one with dreadlocks) were seen earlier in the evening walking on the street and then again around the time the homeowner left the house to run an errand.

9/18/09 12:30PM Princess Circle (off Clairmont Road near Lavista Road)  "I came home to find two black males in my carport, loading my TV in the back of their vehicle, a pinkish/purplish car (what appeared to be a older Monte Carlo or Bonneville). They had backed into our carport and kicked our carport/kitchen door in, alarm was set and blaring. Based on time of my 911 call, and alarm being set off, they were in our house maybe a minute. I unsuccessfully tried to block their car in my car port with my car but they escaped through our lawn. I got their GA license plate number.  Police are on it."

9/16/09 AM  Older sweet gentleman robbed in Northlake Kroger location.

(Source:  Email from Henderson Road area neighbor)



Livsey Court & Thornridge Way

(off Chamblee Tucker Road)

Walker struck - suspicious behavior by driver

To all concerned ... "a walker was struck by a white SUV sometime between 7-8am on Thornridge Way.  They also took out a 25 MPH sign.  The woman who was hit was really concerned because after the vehicle hit her ... The vehicle then went on past her, threw the car into reverse and came backwards towards her intending to hit her again.  She ran between two houses and called her husband and the police.  She said the vehicle was a white SUV and very loud.  The vehicle also took out a mailbox and pole on Livsey Road (near Livsey Court) ... The walker (who lives in the Thornridge neighborhood) is so lucky--nothing broken but very badly bruised and swollen.  There is even a bruise pattern of the tire in her upper thigh.  It will take some time to recover from this one."  (Source:  Email from Henderson Road area neighbor)



Livsey Court

(off Chamblee Tucker Road)

Riding lawn mower stolen from top of homeowner's driveway.  Reported to police.

Homeowners have noticed 3 different pickup trucks cruising neighborhood on late Sunday afternoons/evenings before dark and also again on Monday mornings.  They usually have metal objects in the bed of the truck and are driven by Hispanics.  They go through neighborhood looking for metal in our trash .. there is speculation they take it to a metal recycling site for money.  (Source:  Email from Henderson Road area neighbor)

8/25/09 10:00PM

On Henderson Road

west end

Gun shots

On Tuesday night, 8/25/09, shortly after 10pm, automatic gunfire was heard on Henderson Road near Peppermint Drive down to Henderson Chase.  A DeKalb County Police officer responded (at least six calls to 911 were made).  One 911 call reported a blue vehicle was seen leaving Peppermint Drive area when the incident happened.  The following day, Regal Way neighbors contacted the police after discovering seven 9mm casings along the sidewalk/gutter between Peppermint Drive and Aspen Court.  There were no reports of any property damage or persons injured from the gun shots.  Patrols will be increased in the area.

(Source:  Henderson Chase HOA and Regal Forest Neighborhood Watch)

8/19-8/20/09 Night/

Early AM

Dunnington Circle

(between Henderson Mill Rd & Mercer University Drive)

Auto Break-ins:  Neighbor reports several cars were broken into late night/early morning. (Source:  Lisa, Area neighbor)

8/16/09 3PM

8/17/09 11AM

King Arthur Circle

(between Briarcliff Rd./Henderson Mill Rd.)

House Break-ins:

"Heads up neighbors, there have been two break-ins Sunday, 16th around 3:00 p.m., and the 17th approximately around 11:00 a.m. at King Arthur Circle [both addresses removed for privacy].  A dark, 2 door car was involved in one address location, model not identified except 'Honda Civic type.'  The police officer handling the break-in stated he would be cruising this area more often for us.  Please be vigilant about your security.  And don't be hesitant or shy about reporting any strange or suspicious cruising or activity in the neighborhood."  (Source:  Tom, Northlake area neighbor)


On Briarcliff Rd

(between Briarmoor Rd/Cravey Dr)

Home Invasion

WWII Vet Tied Up, Robbed in DeKalb  WSB-TV related story


Residents of Briarcliff Road and Henderson Mill Road area were invited by the DKPD to an 8/5/09 meeting to address the 7/28/09 home Invasion incident that occurred on Briarcliff Road.  Click here for summary notes.



Whitby Drive

(off Evans Road)

Home Burglary - Report homewoner came home to find computers and television sets were stolen.  Apparently door window in back of garage was broken to enter.  (Source:  Henderson Road area neighbor)



Henderson Park

Auto Break-ins

"We found broken glass in the parking lot above the Henderson Park playground two mornings ago and this morning ran into a woman who was helping search for purses belonging to her daughter and friend that >were taken from a car yesterday evening (7/2). She said the girls in the park heard a noise and immediately went back to the car, but found only a broken window, purses gone, and nobody around. Looks like we could sure use a "Do not leave valuables in car" sign at the parking lot. It's been awhile since the last rash of these break-ins, but they appear to be back in action."  (Source:  Email forwarded by Tucker neighbor Sharon)

Update:  10 year old boys broke into car at Henderson Park and stole GPS units.  The boys fled to Gleneagles Lane where neighbors report boys were apprehended by Police.  (Source:  hendersonroad.com)

Update:  "To our Tucker neighbors, I received an email from Jane T., a N/W coordinator, that she in turn received from Officer Howard Jenkins who is assigned to our Neighborhood Watch area.  He said that he and his partner, Officer Joe Ridling will both be spending more time at both Henderson and Kelly Cofer parks.  In addition, he is asking three Volunteers on Patrol who live near Henderson to spend a little more time in the park and he's also requesting that the mountain bike police patrol to spend more time in the park as well.  Hopefully, the stepped-up presence will deter these thieves.  In the meantime, let's all keep a look-out and report any suspicious activity that we might see on our own.  Thanks, Marsha M. Sims Court N/W "  (Source:  7/11-7/12 email from several neighborhood groups)



Flair Knoll Drive area

(off Shallowford Drive)

Vandalism/possible gang graffiti:

"I believe the Flair Forest Garden Club has today (7/2/09) removed spray-painted initials (RCS ?) from the Flair Forest entry sign, Shallowford @ Flair Knoll Drive.  I don't know whether this graffiti was reported or not.  A couple weeks ago the Flair Forest entry sign, Shallowford @ Lake Flair Circle (end closer to I-85) was demolished in what looked like vandalism (no tire tracks).  Concrete water line markers were also uprooted.  case # 09077945 (Source:  Email forwarded by Tucker neighbor Sharon, original email by Beth N.)

Also reports of RCS graffiti on Briarcliff Way.  (Source:  Tucker Discussion Yahoo Group)



Northbrook Drive

(off Evans Road)

Suspicious white painters van with ladder on roof.

Homeowner reports that a white painters van with ladder on roof driven by Hispanic middle aged man with young teenage boy was driving very slowly around bottom part of Northbrook Drive.  Between 1-3PM, the driver drove around three times and stopped and knocked on two doors  Homeowner observed this activity, and when pulled out cellphone, the van driver drove away quickly before homeowner could get the Gwinnett county tag number.  Police were called.  (Source:  Email forwarded by Tucker neighbor Sharon)



Greystone North entrance

(Evans Road/Henderson Mill Road)

Graffiti to subdivision front entrance (sign, wall).  Click here for photo and info.  (Source:  Evans Road neighbor Steve)

Update:  Greystone North HOA/NW and DeKalb Police are in frequent contact concerning the case and are working together to make sure any new graffiti at the front entrance or nearby overpass are painted over.

Update 8/20/09:  Vandalism - Front entrance lighting broken.  Reported to Police.

Update:  The suspect has been arrested also in a DeKalb murder case.



Crestcliff Drive

(near corner of Winbrook, area between LaVista and Midvale Roads)

Home Break-In - Report carport door kicked in.  Neighbors across street were home at time.  Carport faces street, and it is a very busy street.  (Source:  Tucker Notices Yahoo Group)



Greenrock Trail

(off Evans Road)

Soliciting Without Permits - Homeowner Encounter

"This afternoon at approximately 5:45, a black male, short hair, in his early twenties, wearing a bright blue shirt, knocked on our door. When I answered he said he was selling gutters. Before he went any further, I asked him if he had a permit to be selling and he said, "Yes". I asked him to show it to me and he said he did not have it with him. I explained that we have a close neighborhood watch and if he did not have a permit he needed to leave the neighborhood. I also told him I was going to call the police. He then started screaming and yelling at me. I shut the door and immediately called the police. While on the phone with the police I saw that there was a second black male, who also appeared to be in his early twenties, also wearing a bright blue shirt, waiting in the street at the top of our driveway. When I stepped back outside and when they saw that I was on the phone, they made rude hand gestures to me and started jogging up the street toward Lone Star. I can only assume the police came, but I never talked with them.Additional information:  Man would not tell homeowner the name of his company when homeowner asked him.  Police showed up at homeowner's door two hours after called.  The officer was very nice and said that he had just gotten the call and did not understand why they had not sent him earlier.  (Source:  Email from the homeowner, Robert)



Regalwoods Dr. and Summitridge Dr. Area

Home break-in

"I returned home yesterday afternoon to find my door from the carport busted in and my computer, monitor, keyboard and digital camera stolen. Nothing else seems to be missing, but various drawers were open and gone through. Apparently a crowbar or some device was used to
ease the deadbolt further away from the connecting point, followed by a kick or some kind of blow that busted the inside frame. My deadbolt receptacle had 2 inch screws, the repair estimator recommends 3 inch screws (check yours and change them now). I have an estimate of over $400 to repair the door frame and deadbolt and need to make a decision quickly. Sam
(Source:  Northcrest neighborhood)


Midvale Road Report of DeKalb Police vehicle at house under construction; Tools stolen $1300 value (Source:  Tucker Notices Yahoo Group)



Chamblee Tucker Road

(Embry Hills Shopping Center)

Robbery at Advance Auto Parts

"Greetings, This week I received a few emails from neighbors asking about a robbery at the Advance Auto Parts store on Chamblee-Tucker Road in the Embry Hills Shopping Center.  I apologize for not responding sooner.  I was out of town on business.  Tonight I stopped by the store and spoke to the manager to get the facts.  I can confirm that the store was robbed at gun point on Saturday, April 11.  According to the manager, who was on duty that day, three African-American teenagers (about 16 or 17 years of age) came into the store on that busy Saturday afternoon.  With the store filled with customers, they pulled out guns and demanded money from the store.  One of the perpetrators pointed his gun at the head of a two year old child and threatened to kill the child if they didn't get the money fast.  Fortunately, the incident ended without anyone getting hurt.  They ran away after one of the customers ran out of the store.  They got only the money in the cash registers.  The manager has now hired an armed security guard, and is installing surveillance cameras throughout the store.  The manager said these guys spent a considerable amount of time in the store asking questions and ordering parts before they pulled out their guns.  One of them stayed outside the store while it was being held up to keep people from going inside.  They did not wear any disguises, other than sunglasses.  Information about this incident was not provided by the police, or by any news source.  It was discovered by a neighbor who happened to be at the Goodyear store and heard about it from the store clerk.  This is an example of how important it is to have a neighborhood watch group and a communication network.  It is a dangerous world, and you should always be alert of your surroundings.  Stay safe."  (Source:  Nestor Young, Nottaway NW, Forwarded by Henderson Rd. area neighbor)


Peppermint Drive

(and Tucker/Northlake area)

Door to Door Sales - Scam Alert

"On Friday evening, between 7:00 and 7:30 p.m., I was working in my carport at Peppermint Dr. when a young man walked up the street and into my driveway. He looked like he was about 17 years old, white/Hispanic, with dark hair and was wearing a yellow Polo shirt, tan shorts, and athletic sneakers.  He said that he lived in the neighborhood, on Hershey, and that he was trying to raise money for his soccer team to go to Europe for a game this summer.  He said that to raise money he was selling children’s books.  After some discussion about this, my wife joined in the discussion.  He said that if we didn’t want the books that they would be given to a children’s hospital. Since this sounded like a good cause, we decided to buy a set of books for the children’s hospital.  However, by this time I was beginning to be a little suspicious because when I asked him if he lived on Hershey Ct. or Hershey Lane, he said he thought it was Hershey Rd.  I then asked him for his phone number, and he gave me a number in area 770.  After he started to leave he turned back and asked to use our bathroom, and I said OK.  While he was in the bathroom, I called the phone number he had given me and the number did not exist.  When I confronted him with this, he said it was his mom’s cell phone and the number had been changed recently, and he then gave me a different number, also a 770 area code.  I called that number and it did not exist.  After an additional failed attempt to get a phone number, I asked him to return the check.  He said that he would not.  I told him if he didn’t return the check, that I would call the police.  At that point, he tore up the check and jerked the receipt out of my hand, called me a few names, and left, saying he was going to get his mother and come back.  I told him that I would walk to his home on Hershey with him, but he would not allow that.  I then called the DeKalb police, and they came about 2 hours later and took a report.  The booklet that he showed us with the information on the books to be purchased was printed by Prestige Sales and that is the party that he asked the check to be made to.  A quick search on the internet showed that Prestige Sales is a company that trains people in door to door sales of books.  I have not yet contacted this company.  The young man said his name was Mike Hughes and that his mother’s name was Cathy Hughes."  (Source:  Peppermint Drive homeowner in Regal Forest)

Note:  There have been reports of similar description in the Midvale/LaVista Road and Briarcliff Road areas.

3/17/09 Southland Vista Court and Briarcliff Road Jogger Attacked, Stabbed In DeKalb County (Click on link for TV story)
March 2009

Northbrook Drive

(between Evans Rd./Henderson Rd.)

Auto Break-Ins

"I live at (# removed for privacy) Northbrook Dr.  We did have someone go through our cars the other night about 9pm. They pulled everything out of the glove compartment and other areas where there were papers. I guess they were looking for money. One of the cars was in the driveway and one was in the garage. We didn't have any valuables in the cars so I think they went away empty handed. I just thought I would let you know so that others might be aware."  (Source:  3/16/09 email forwarded by Henderson Rd. area neighbor)

Briarcliff Way

(off Henderson Mill Road)

Homeowner reports central AC unit stolen from back of house.  Thieves jimmied and bent steel casement window to break in house and turn power off even though there was a disconnect outside.  Forwarded by Henderson Rd neighbor)

February 2009

Various Neighborhoods

Home Break-Ins

Evergreen Hills, Payton & Briarcrest Trail: "I recently moved into the neighborhood and purchased the home at (edited for privacy) Payton Road. I have lived in the area all my life having gone to elementary school at Sagamore and high school at Lakeside. I love the area but my home was broken into on Monday morning February 2, 2009. The intruder(s) struck between 9am and noon. My garage door was smashed in and the alarm was activated. However, the burglar(s) had enough time to steal two flat screen TV's. The burglar(s) exited my front door, which was left wide open. The intruder(s) went undetected and left behind several good finger prints that the CSI unit uncovered." ... "About 2 to 3 weeks earlier, the home on Briarcrest Trail was also burglarized. The intruder(s) also went undetected and stole a flat screen TV and several cameras and camcorders. The police have not made any progress in this case."  (Source:  NBCA Watch email forwarded by Robin & Willis)

Robbery on Lone Star Trail (off Chamblee Tucker Road) ... People backed into the carport, smashed in the door, and took small appliances and her jewelry box.  (Source:  Email forwarded by Sharon)

"On Feb 12th about 11:30 pm my friend who lives off of L'ville Hwy behind Home Depot was broken into while she was taking a bath upstairs  The robbers literally broke down her front door.  They made a lot of noise, my friend's attic is accessed from her master bath, so she chose to hide in the attack all night--she was sooo scared.  Her cell phone was being charged downstairs and she had no land line.  When she finally went down stairs at about 5am, her entire door frame was torn off with the door off its hinges. Her purse and its contents were all gone, her brief case including her laptop were gone.  Her car keys were sitting right by her purse but they were not taken, her car was still in the driveway, also, her cell phone was still in the charger close to where her purse was.  To her knowledge nothing else was taken.  To date, no credit cards have been used, nor has there been any attempts to withdraw funds from her checking or savings account."  (Source:  NBCA Watch email forwarded by Robin & Willis)

Message from family that lives at corner of Cravey Drive and Varner Drive, robbed on 2/13/09:  "... 11:30am, car backed in to carport, and a HOLE was kicked in to our door!! They stole some jewelry and a television. We were very fortunate that the dog was not harmed and that we were not home. For this to be our second burglary in less than 2 years, I am comforted in seeing that this time, the locks held, and that they had to work hard on the door to kick it in and crawl through the hole that they had created. But it is scary to see the level of desperation that people seem to be reaching. Luckily, 2 neighbors were very observant and were able to catch a glimpse of the individuals as well as their car. An African American male and an African American heavy set female in a silver Toyota Camry with no plates."  (Source:  Homeowner Jamie via Shenandoahvalley Yahoo group)

Message from family on Cosmos Drive (approx. halfway between Flair Knoll Drive and the Cosmos cul-de-sac):  "... 2/20, we were the victims of burglary. It happened between 1:30 and 2:30. My husband had come home to walk our dog and then went back to the office. When he returned an hour later, the carport door was open and our valuable electronics were gone. The thieves kicked in the door, ripping the door frame. The stole our big flat sceen TV, ipod and bose "dock" speaker, digital camera, a laptop and  desktop computers,  a BB gun (they probably thought it was a shotgun). They took the DVR remote but were unable to get the DVR and stereo system due to the way it's hooked up.  All of those components were hanging off the shelves by the cords. None of our neighbors were home at the time. I believe our home was an easy target.  We have a carport instead of a garage, plus it does not face the street. We usually leave a radio on during the day, but yesterday, did not have it on. Be aware! The alarm was not set. The police arrived in about 30 minutes."  (Source:  NBCA Watch email)

February 2009

Various neighborhoods

(Henderson Park entrance north, Thornbriar Road, Thornridge Drive, Northbrook Drive, Evansdale Elementary area)

Mail thefts


Report mail theft:

Office of Inspector General USPS website.

"... two items stolen from my mailbox.  I reported to postal inspector and was told that they concentrate their efforts on areas where thefts are reported.  I'd urge the three neighbors whose mail was also stolen to report the theft so that the postal people will get to our area and investigate ..."

Henderson Park entrance ... A concerned neighbor noticed pile of papers and envelopes stacked up on the curb near the Henderson Park gate approximately 12:30pm on 2/9/09 ..."it appeared that most were addresses on Thornridge Drive, and were taken out of even numbered mailboxes. It appeared that the bills were left unopened, but the opened ones included quite a variety--most of the contents missing. There were birthday cards to someone--the cards were there but the contents (?) and envelopes missing, medical statements, someone's social security envelope with the social security statement missing, a brown padded envelope that I later learned contained a video game--there were probably about 50 pieces of mail. I got the few names from envelopes that I could and went around to the people on Thornridge Drive to let them know I had found their stolen mail. What became apparent as I went to these houses was that there were other mailboxes (also on the even no. side) whose mailbox doors were open and nothing in the mailboxes--and nobody home. I took the mail over to the Doraville P.O. and left it with the Postmaster and now it will have to go to their Investigation Department ..."

"... gold colored van with about 4 young Hispanic men drove by my house (Northbrook Dr.) around 11a.m. and attempted to steal my mail .. men drove away quickly when they noticed observant neighbor watching ...Northbrook also has had several houses hit with someone stealing anything copper and 1 house was broken into ..."

(Source:  Various neighborhood email notices)


Northlake Creek & Chelsea Commons neighborhoods

(near Henderson & Brockett Rd intersection)

Mail theft

"Lots of mail was strewed all over the street on Northrup Drive and Northlake Creek Drive.
Most of the mail was for [2 homeowners] in the Chelsea Commons condos across LaVista on Brockett.  Some financial documents were opened and several mail was unopened.  One opened 1099 report, for a neighbor in this neighborhood, was also found. One of those that found the mail reports that the mail wasn't there at 6:50 am in the morning, but it was there by 7:20 am  We called the police and made report.   The people who are victims also need to file
reports.  Police have several reports for Tucker neighborhoods with mail theft including IRS reports and tax refunds.  The police at first said they would pick up, then said for us to take to post office.
(Source: Jack, Northlake Creek neighbor)

Jan 2009

Northlake Mall area

Catalytic converter robberies

"we have  been warned at work of a high number of incidences of catalytic converter robberies in the Northlake Mall area. Supposedly a white unmarked van pulls next to a parked vehicle and using the van as a cover, cuts off the converter."  (Source: Evans Road neighbor)


Riderwood Dr./Hunting Hill Ln.

(near Lavista Road

Pangborn Road)

House Vandalized

House at corner of Riderwood Drive and Hunting Hill was vandalized last week.  Information has been requested on investigation from DeKalb Police contacts.  (Source: Briarcliff Woods Neighborhood Watch)


Sims Court

(near Lavista Road

Lawrenceville Hwy)

Home Break-In

Neighborhood Watch Block Captain reports:  "The burglar kicked in the back door and ransacked the home.  A single lady lives there and unfortunately, even when she's home, it looks like no one is ever there unless her car is in the carport.  Please make sure your homes look "lived in" by leaving on lights in your carport, in the house, etc."  (Source: Sims Court/Carson Valley Neighborhood Watch email; Forwarded by Henderson Road area neighbor)



Terramar Drive

(off Chamblee Tucker Road)

Hooray for DeKalb Police

"This is from a neighbor on Terramar about an incident that happened this morning.  As you may already know, Dekalb County PD arrested someone on Terramar Dr early this morning (@ 3:00AM).  An alert neighbor observed a suspicious person entering vehicles and called 911.  Dekalb County PD responded quickly and were able to capture the suspect in a driveway of another house.  It also turns out that the suspect had tried to break into the garage of the same house he was captured in front of.  Earlier on today, what is believed to be the suspect's parked vehicle was recovered; parked in the street not too far from where the suspect was arrested.  The vehicle is an older model blue/green Toyota with noticeable damage to the rear (no license  plate, only an expired paper driveout tag in the rear window.  The vehicle had additional property in it which is believed to be stolen.  The only description I have been able to gather from neighbors so far is that the suspect was an adult aged African-American male wearing a dark colored hoodie.  I was not around and have not had a chance to speak with police or the detective; however, it is my understanding that Detective G. Buynoski (404-294-2813) is involved in the investigation and had been out and talked with some of the neighbors.  I was wondering if you had any contacts or any way of sending any e-mails out to any surrounding neighborhoods to have them check their vehicles to make sure that nothing was stolen over night, especially if their vehicles were unlocked (may not have used their vehicle today and noticed theft; suspect even closed trunk of one vehicle he entered and shut the doors back.  It is important to let Dekalb PD know of any other thefts overnight so that they can be linked to the suspect if he is the one that committed them.  I was also told that there is possibly a video of someone committing a theft on Townley Cir; and if so, maybe we could get it to Dekalb to see if it is the same person.  Let me know of anything else I can do to assist."  (Source: Email forwarded by Tom / Steve to hendersonroad.com mailbox)

Note:  Video from 11/10/08 Townley Circle incident has been given to Police by homeowner.  Case number assigned


Castleridge Court

(off Midvale Road)

A tool shed located on Castleridge Court was broken into sometime between the evening of 11/17 and the morning of 11/18. The padlock was cut. A leaf blower and gas can were stolen. Other items were untouched.  (Source:  Tucker Notices Yahoo Group)


during week

Smoketree Road

(Leslie Drive/Henderson Mill Rd)

Drug Raid

"My parents live on Smoketree Road off of Leslie Drive.  DeKalb police raided the home across the street from them one day last week.  Three people were arrested on drug related charges.  The home was being rented by what were thought to be a couple of college students.  Marijuana and a large amount of cash were recovered from the house.  Apparently earlier in the day DeKalb police also raided another home in a nearby neighborhood for drugs as well.  That house was apparently the lead house for the drugs and the Smoketree house was one of the distributors.  Needless to say, my parents were surprised to look out the window and see the street filled with police cars and to find out what was going on."  (Source:  Woods of Henderson Neighborhood Watch)



Townley Circle

(off Evans Road)

Video and screen shots of intruder lurking around Evans Road neighborhood.  Please contact the police if you can identify him.

All:  On Monday November 10 at 3am, our carport security video camera did its job. The video shows the intruder clearly on the lookout for something to take (note the bag). If you know this person, or know where he lives, please contact the police. It's been reported to officer LA Maxwell who also has this video; case 08-152849. If you're interested in this kind of camera for your property, it can be found at Sam's Club for about $100. Video and light are motion activated. I'm happy to answer questions about installation. Stay aware!  Brad  (Source:  Brad of Townley Circle neighborhood, Embry Hills Neighborhood Watch)

11/25/08 Update from Brad:  Please be sure to have any sightings of this guy called into 911, with case number of 08-152849.  Detective Danner is on it.

Click here for screen shots from video.  If you'd like to see the video, please email info@hendersonroad.com and we'll forward you a copy.  For bandwidth purposes, we haven't posted the video.  The video is playable on Microsoft Media Player http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/default.mspx



Gleneagles Drive

(off Henderson Road)

House Break in - While homeowners were away, someone broke into their home and emptied their piggy bank.  It is believed to be kids since only money was taken.  Be aware that there are prowlers in the neighborhood.  (Source:  Email forwarded by Henderson Road neighbor)



Greystone Cove South

(Evans Road/Henderson Mill Rd)

Three residents mugged in front of their house.

On Sunday evening, October 12, 2008 at 9:00 PM three residents near Greystone Cove South in the Greystone North subdivision were mugged in front of their house.  The three victims arrived home to find a large trashcan blocking the driveway forcing a passenger to get out of the car.  Two men came out of hiding to ambush her and snatched her purse.  The two men then opened the doors of the car and took the purses of the other passenger and driver, and ran off toward the neighborhood entrance where a black/dark old Mercedes was parked.  The attackers were two skinny African American men wearing dark clothing.  Please report any suspicious activity to the police immediately by calling 911.  It is suspected by the family that the attackers may have targeted other households by riding through the neighborhood looking for homes to target.  (Source:  Greystone North Neighborhood Watch)



Embry Hills Dr, Embry Cir

Auto Break-Ins

Reports of six cars in area entered, and items taken.  Purse found after being discarded, money taken from console, and wallet taken with attempt to buy gas at 2:00 am.  Residents have seen a white car moving slowly in the area on several occasions.  Residents believe they have someone casing the neighborhood on a frequent basis.  (Source:  Embry Hills Neighborhood Watch)



First Avenue

(off Main Street)

Two condos broken into and guns/valuables stolen:

"Condo located on First Avenue off Main Street.  Rear door which was deadbolted kicked in sometime between 6PM and 11PM.  42 inch plasma stolen from living room...even bothered to get the remote.  Bedroom ransacked.  Entire contents of a 4 foot jewelry chest removed.  Many diamonds, opals, collectors pieces from Europe, one of a kind cameos, diamond tennis bracelet, Tucker High School ring from 1937, Tucker High School ring from 1968, Masonic ring, many items were of sentimental value also.  $5000 in cash stolen.  Taurus 38 pistol with laser sight.  Two passports stolen.  Police took two hours to respond, took a report and that's that!  No fingerprinting, no nothing!  Ain't it great to live in DeKalb County!!"  ... "They also broke into the adjacent condo and stole a twelve gauge shotgun.  Pried open the back door with a crow bar which they left on the property"  (Email sent by Tucker neighbor)

10/2/08 5PM, 10/6/08


Tucker 1st Methodist Church

(off LaVista Road)

Vehicle Break-In, Reward Offered

"Last Thursday at approximately 5:00 I discovered that my white panel van had been vandalized. It was parked by the Tucker 1st Methodist Church BBQ shed. The driver’s side window had been broken and the ignition wiring harness had been cut and it appeared that someone had attempted to hot wire the ignition. I called the police and after almost four hours someone called me back. A mechanic friend of mine and I attempted unsuccessfully to reconnect the ignition switch so I could relocate the van.

I checked on the truck Friday morning just before noon to find that no other damage had been done.

This morning (Monday) upon arrival during my routine check of the campus, I noticed that the right side window and windshield had been broken. It appeared that a further attempt to hot wire the ignition had been made.  I also noticed pieces of roofing shingles on the ground around my panel van and the TFUMC van next to it. That TFUMC van had pieces of shingles on its roof.  When looking for a source of the shingles I noticed that the peak of the BBQ shed appeared to be missing shingles. I had the truck towed about noon today. I then went to the Activities Center to check on the custodians and Leo told me that on Friday afternoon he had observed several youth on top of the BBQ shed. He said that they were dressed like some of the kids who play basketball at the Wesley Center.

I am willing to offer a 100.00 reward for the capture of the culprit(s). My mechanic friend, who runs a commercial truck dealership informs me that the repairs will exceed 2000.00."

(Email from Tucker neighbor, John)  Contact info@hendersonroad.com if you have any info.



Tucker WalMart

Stranger at car encounter:

"I want to tell you about what happened to me at the Walmart in Tucker this morning. I was there by myself and was putting two bags in the back of my car. It's a Pilot so it has the hatchback. The next thing I knew, there was this guy standing right next to me. He was an older white guy- dressed in business casual clothes, but wearing a red baseball cap. I assume he either followed me from the store or was watching me from his car. He said hello and then asked if I was done shopping- and then said, "if you're going home, can I go with you?" I was completely freaked out by this point and closed the hatchback- not even worrying about whacking him in the head, but he stepped aside. I went to move around him to get to the driver side and he stepped to the side so he was back in front of me.  I realized that all the doors were unlocked and he could get into the car if he wanted, but if I locked them, I would be locked out. So I scrambled around the back of the car, got in the passenger seat and locked the doors. Then I crawled over the middle and got in the driver seat- only to realize that he was standing next to the driver's door, waving at me through the window. I started the car and decided I would just run over his feet or knock him down if I had to, but he moved and by the time I backed out, he was gone. I saw him get into a tan, older American car, but I couldn't see the license plate- and I did not want to start following him. I was so rattled that I drove a roundabout way getting home, in case he was following me. I realize now that I should have gone next door to the Tucker police station, but I didn't even think of it at the time.  I'm not going to that Walmart by myself again."

Tips from the woman's neighbor - "I asked her to contact the Tucker Precinct tomorrow and file a report.  Other options if something similar happens to you:
- Set your car alarm off.  It's sure to get everyone's attention and that's the last thing a perpetrator wants.
- Run back toward the store yelling.
- Drive to the nearest police station in case you are being followed.
- Try to be aware when you are loading your vehicle.  Don't get so distracted that you don't notice someone approaching you.
Luckily, this neighbor did keep her wits and was able to safely get into her car and get away.  She even has an pretty good description of the guy and his car.  It would have been great if she'd gotten the license plate number. 
(Source:  Email forwarded by Henderson Road neighbors)



Henderson Park

Indecent exposure reported, Arrest made:

"I wanted to  send out information on a little incident today at Henderson Park. I  was walking with one of my girlfriends this AM and we were past the tennis courts and close to the soccer fields when we encountered a naked African American male. Luckily my friend saw him and we turned and ran out as fast as we could. Luckily, a lady happened to be driving in her car and stopped when she heard us yelling. I called the police and they did a wonderful job. They were there in 5 minutes. My friend gave them a great description and they actually found him within 20 minutes. They did arrest him and take him to jail. I will have more information once I obtain the report. When the police found him he was wearing a towel and to-shirt. He told the police he went into a garage and approached the male homeowner who gave him these clothes. I would hope no one would do this without actually calling 911. The officer wanted me to get this out to everyone and remind them that the more watchful we are of things like this the quicker they can find someone. Please remember although we have a great neighborhood the park is not too safe!!! I have grown up on Thornbriar and this was way too close to home!!!!

9/27/08 Update:  Police report details indicate the 19 year old male from Stone Mt. told police he was just released from jail on burglary charges and had walked down street to Livsey Court where resident gave him shirt and towel, ... and reporting officer speculated possible mental illness.  (Source:  Email forwarded by Henderson Road neighbor)



Peppermint Court

(off Henderson Road)


Robbery:  Candy Heights Neighborhood Watch reports - My neighbor on Peppermint Court was robbed at gun point last evening (9/16) at around 8:00 pm in her garage.  She had just arrived home when the perpetrator walked into the garage, pointed a gun at her before she had a chance to exit her vehicle, and asked for her purse and phone.  He told her he would leave the phone at the bottom of her driveway next to the mailbox, which he did.  He was a 20 something black male of medium height and build, clean shaven, short hair and very polite.  Thankfully, she gave him the items and he did not harm her.  She does not think he followed her home, so that means he was probably waiting.  The police came and took the information. Watch out.  (Source:  Tucker Notices Yahoo Group)



LaVista Woods Drive

(off LaVista Drive)

"... a stranger entered my locked back gate today about dark.  My neighbor saw him and walked around the house but the person left in his blue 1977 Chevy Cavalier.  My neighbor could not get his tag number but did get a good look at his face.  He is a white male with medium length brown hair and brown eyes.  He had on a plain red shirt, blue jeans and white tennis shoes"  (Source:  Tucker Notices Yahoo Group)



Northlake Tower Festival / Northlake Mall Report of attempted purse snatching.  Orange van pulled up and very large man jumped out and tried to snatch purse.  Report of attempt to steal car.  Owner was unable to start car.  Part of steering column had been broken in attempt to steal car per owner's mechanic.  Both incidents reports to Police and/or Mall Security.  (Source:  Tucker Notices Yahoo Group)



Flowers Road /

Mercer University Drive

Thefts from carports:

"We just called the police due to two young black males stealing gas cans out of neighbors carports and on the sides of the houses. My husband managed to take two pictures of them before they realized they were getting their pictures taken. They ran into the Park Point North apartments off of Flowers Rd and Mercer University Drive. The police are on their way out right now." ... "It's a shame but once we uploaded the pictures we realized that we did not get a face shot of either one. My husband was driving, they were walking. The male has a goatee and a mustache. My husband got a really good look at him before they started running." ..."  The police showed up very fast for something this minor. From the time my husband called me as he was leaving our house to tell me he saw someone coming out of our neighbor's carport to the police knocking on our door was about 15 minutes. We handed the officer an 8X11 copy of both pictures. I have no idea if they were caught or if there was a car waiting.  I did go ahead and send an email to the apartment manager via the contact form on their website to let them know of the situation ..."  (Source:  Tucker Notices Yahoo Group)



Northlake Mall

- Mall Kiosk Owner Closes Store After Robbery

- DeKalb Police Search for Northlake Mall Robbery Suspects

- Police Capture Suspect in Northlake Mall Robbery

Click here for TV story (and click on sidebar stories)

See 7/22/08 entry also.


Landeau Circle

(off Midvale Road)

My neighbor on Landeau Circle had lawn equipment stole today. She stepped in for a break and left equipment in yard. When she returned her edger,weed-eater and blower were gone.  (Source:  Tucker Notices Yahoo Group)



Bolero Pass

(off Henderson Mill Road)

Auto break-in and theft

"Our automobiles parked in the garage were broken into last night. We have been leaving the garage door cracked about two feet up to give the dog easy access in and out...someone used the crack to roll under the garage door and rifle through the unlocked cars.  Our primary losses include a briefcase, corporate credit card, laptop computer, and mobile gps unit. The few tools and yard equipment in the garage were left untouched.  We've called the police and are filing an incident report.  Please alert the neighborhood. There are folks out there looking for opportunities to steal. We, unfortunately, had gotten a little complacent in our normally safe haven and provided them with one."  (Source:  Woods of Henderson  Neighborhood Watch)


11 AM 

Northlake Mall DeKalb Police Seek Help in Nabbing Jewelry Thieves  Click here for TV story



Bolero Drive

(off Henderson Mill Road)

"Our home at [#] Bolero Drive was broken into this morning (Monday 7 July) around 8:40 am.  Nothing was taken, but our back door and locks were destroyed.

This morning, [homeowners] were packing the kids up for their respective camps and walking around our two cars in the driveway when two teenaged boys walked past our driveway, heading out of the development.  We wouldn't have thought much of it, except they seemed to be taking great interest in our activity and [homeowner] noticed that they were sitting on the side steps of the middle school as we drove away at 8:30 am.  At 8:45 am, [homeowner] got a call from our alarm company, saying that our house alarm had been triggered.  We called [our neighbors] and asked them to keep an eye out for these two boys that we'd seen earlier.  Unfortunately, the police did not arrive at our house until 9:05 am, a full 20 minutes after the alarm system call.  The officers secured the perimeter and discovered that our back door had been kicked in and was ajar.  Fortunately, it does not appear that the intruder(s) made it into the house, as the 
alarm was triggered instantly.  Although there were several electronic items in the room to which they tried to gain access, these items were undisturbed.  The intruder(s) ended up walking 
through the mud in our backyard, leaving muddy footprints on the door, but not inside the house, providing additional evidence that they did not enter the house.  The police confirmed that the 
intruders were not inside the house at the time of their investigation some 20-30 min after the initial alarm signal.

However, the door was kicked with such force that the "unkickable" deadbolt lock was shattered, with pieces both in and outside of the house, and the glass frame of the door was bent.  We were surprised at the boldness of this action, as both [our two immediate neighbors) were at home at the time of the break-in.  The intruder(s) entered our back yard through our side 
gate.  The door that they kicked in is situated in a way that it cannot be seen easily from either immediate neighbor's yards.  Thus, the intruder(s) were at least savvy enough to try to enter our house through the most secluded point.  We do have an alarm system sign in the front yard and stickers on multiple doors and windows, including on the door that was kicked in.  That was not enough of a deterrent, obviously.

We wanted to alert everyone to this incident ... We were suspicious of these two young boys initially and we are pretty sure that they are the ones that kicked the door in, since it happened within 15 minutes of our departure.  ... (from email of Source:  Woods of Henderson  Neighborhood Watch)  To respect privacy, I've removed the homeowners' names and street number.  - Jenni



Briarcliff Commons

(Henderson Mill Road & Briarcliff Road)

Homeowner reports the following incident:
On Saturday, June 28th at about 10:00 p.m. my wife and I were out of town and received a call from our next door neighbor who had personally witnessed a white work van (with ladder rack but no ladders) park in front of our house in Briarcliff Commons. Knowing we were out of town she continued to watch the van and ultimately observe a tall, skinny male (unfortunately she could not identify race or get a tag number) get out of the van, retrieve something from the rear compartment, and walk around the side of our house to a gate area where he spent a few minutes. She called the police who took the usual 15-20 minutes to arrive. By that time he noticed her watching him, returned to the van and left. He never entered the house. Our house has been previously burglarized (2006) and the van/M.O. were the same. We do have signs on the locked gate that he approached indicating that we do have security and that we are armed.



Peppermint Drive

(off Henderson Road)

Homeowners reported tools were stolen from their garage.  It is believed the theft occurred when the garage door was open.  The thieves took the time to retrieve the chargers from the back of the garage for the tool they took.  A police report was filed.  Please be mindful of what you leave in your carport and keep your garage door closed when you are not around to keep watch.  (Source:  Regal Forest Neighborhood Watch)


after 3 PM


Laurelgate Drive

(off LaVista Road near Frazier Rd.)

Initial and follow up TV news media coverage:


- Duct Taped To Chair, Mom Hops For Help

- Suspects Sought in Home Invasion

- Man Arrested In Connection With Violent Home Invasion  Radio story, TV story  7/8/08


2 AM



King Arthur Circle

(between Briarcliff Rd./Henderson Mill Rd.)

Home Break-In:  "[Homeowners] have a monitored alarm which was triggered when a carport door was breeched.  The alarm company dispatched the DeKalb County police once they spoke w/ the homeowners on the phone.  The police did not arrive until 35 minutes later.  Luckily, the perpetrator did not stay in the house or have a chance to steal anything due to the alarm."  (from email of Source:  Woods of Henderson  Neighborhood Watch)



Crestcliff Drive

(between Midvale Rd./

LaVista Roads)

Auto break-ins:  Items were taken from several unlocked cars (camera, CDs, etc.).  Other cars in the same driveways were locked and were untouched.

"I cannot say it enough, but with summer coming and the bad economy, it needs to be stressed again. LOCK YOUR CAR DOORS AND LEAVE NOTHING IN THEM. Not only will you be protecting your property, but your whole neighborhood. These are crimes of opportunity, so let's not give them anymore opportunities."  (Source: TuckerNoticesYahoo Group, Anne Lerner, Winding Woods Neighborhood Watch)


Late AM

Regency Drive East

(off Midvale Road)

Home break-in:  While homeowner away, kitchen window at back of house broken and used as entry point.  Backyard is towards Midvale Road.  32" TV and microwave taken.  Freezer was opened, and frozen chicken removed and left on floor.  Exit made through door.  Police were called, and report was filed.  (Source:  Jannean B., Empire Square subdivision)


2 PM


Lake Flair Road

(near Shallowford & Briarcliff Roads

Home break-in:

"We want to report that our home was broken into on Friday, 5/9, around 2:15 pm. No one was home at that time but a neighbor reported seeing a black SUV or station wagon parked in the cul-de-sac in front of our house with an Asian male sitting in the car. She waved at him and he waved back and then drove off. She went inside and when she came back out about 10 min. later, the same car was seen driving out of our driveway. When I returned home about an hour later, I could see that someone had pulled open drawers in the master bedroom. Upon further search, I saw that access to the house was gained by forcing open a sliding glass door that opens off the bedroom. A laptop, a jar containing coins and a few pieces of jewelry were taken. Police were called."    (Source:  NBCA Watch)

Also - Tuesday afternoon, May 6, Melinda Drive.  Access through the basement. Electronic items stolen. Two resident dogs did not deter the perpetrators.  (Source:  NBCA Watch)





Northlake Creek Drive/Northlake Creek Court

(off Henderson Road)

Two car break ins:  Change was taken from Ford truck (Drive location).  GPS Magellan Navigation System stolen from Ford car parked in driveway (Court location).  Homeowner thought car was locked, but there is no sign of other means of access made to car.  (Source:  Jack G., area homeowner)





Townley Circle (block)

Evans Woods Dr./Evans Dale Circle

(off Evans Road)

Auto theft:  Evansdale neighborhood reports Honda Pilot stolen from driveway (block).  Car had been left unlocked.  Auto break in:  Owner of Honda Odyssey reports finding auto glove box open, items shifted around, but nothing missing and that maybe individual(s) were looking for car keys.  (Source:  Nottaway Neighborhood Watch)



Northlake Parkway & Lavista Road Person Killed Outside Waffle House.  Click here for TV news story.



Greystone Circle/Cove

(Evans Road/Henderson Mill Rd)

Home Break In / Burglary


"... 3 teenaged boys broke into the [home at Greystone Cove North].  Fortunately, no one was home at the time.  Several small items like games, DVDs, toys, etc. were taken in bags.  Two people saw the 3 boys in transit and called police who responded in force including bringing in a helicopter.  The police pursued the boys and caught two immediately and apprehended the third around 1:00 PM.  One of the boys lived in Lake Louise Apartments.  The stolen merchandise was found in a car parked in the apartments.  The [homeowners] said their rear sliding door was broken into.  They had not turned on their alarm system and had not placed a stick on the guide rail to prevent the glass door from opening -- two things [homeowner] said she is going to do from now on ..."  (Source:  Greystone North Neighborhood Watch)  To respect privacy, I've removed the homeowners' names and street number.  - Jenni

The following additional details about the break in were provided by Nestor Y., an area Neighborhood Watch Coordinator:

  • A person walking their dog saw something suspicious and called the police;
  • Three Black males, ages 17,18 and 19, were caught with the stolen goods at the Lake Louise Apartments parking lot.  It is believed that one of these guys lives in an apartment in the complex.  The police chased (on foot) and caught two of the guys in the parking lot.  The police found the third guy hiding out in an apartment;
  • After they parked their car in the far corner of the parking lot, near Evans Road, they walked across the street and entered the [homeowners'] property through a back gate (which fronts Evans Road);
  • They broke in through the rear sliding glass door.  They were able to get it unlocked with a tool;
  • The items stolen were electronic gaming toys (such as Playstation), gold jewelry, cash and small items which can be stuffed into a backpack.  They tried to take a large TV, but decided it was too much trouble;
  • No one was home at the time of the burglary;
  • The stolen items were recovered in the trunk of their car and some items were hidden in the woods next to the parking lot;
  • They also took car keys for a car which was not in the driveway or garage.  It appears that they were planning to come back at a later time to take the car;

The police did a great job responding to the call and apprehending these guys.  They even called out the helicopter to search for the third suspect.  Police officers from the North Precinct made the arrests.  They later admitted that since this area is on the border between the North Precinct and the Tucker Precinct and they don't patrol it often, they were unfamiliar with the neighborhood.  This is the second major problem we've had with the Lake Louise Apartments.  If you remember about a year ago an off-duty police officer shot and killed a teenager who broke into his apartment."  (Previous incident at Lake Louise was 8/3/06 - click here for TV news coverage. - Jenni)



Northbrook Drive

(off Chamblee Tucker Rd./near Henderson Mill Rd.)

Theft from mailboxes:
"Here is another unfortunate neighborhood news item. I got a call Monday afternoon from a lovely man who lives on Nottaway Court. While walking his dog, he saw envelopes that had been opened (and contents removed) tossed by the side of the road. There were a number of pieces of mail, and two of them happened to be personal correspondences I had written.

I had my return address labels on the two envelopes, and he took the time to look up my phone number. I had put these two pieces of mail in my mailbox (Northbrook Drive) on Sunday night, and without thinking I raised the red flag on my mailbox. Clark Howard says to
never do this, but I wasn't thinking. Apparently someone drove down Northbrook, opened mailboxes, and removed mail that was in there. He said that one envelope looked like a tax bill of some kind, and the check was gone. I have no idea how extensive this theft was, but you all may want to think back to whether or not you may have had anything in your mailbox Sunday night or Monday that may have been kept by these people.

It is sad to know that there are dishonest predators in our gentle neighborhood. I would encourage everyone to mail letters at a post office....or at least don't make the mistake I did and raise your red mailbox flag."  (Source:  Nottaway Neighborhood Watch)



Bolero Drive

(located off Henderson Mill Rd)

Home Break In/ Burglary reported and Note from Homeowner:
Two African American teenagers/young adults were seen walking behind the homes on Bolero Drive carrying a 30 inch plus plasma television.  Another homeowner tried to call to them, and they ran into the area of a nearby apartment community.  Police were called.  They responded and walked the trails in the woods between Henderson Middle and Bolero investigating for any additional evidence.

Update:  "Dearest neighbors - First I wanted to thank each of you from the bottom of my heart for your overwhelming support and kindness to this event.  Many of you have gone way beyond the call of duty to help with the response to a neighbor in need.   Additionally, I wanted to let you know that this crime was far greater than we had originally suspected.  It turns out they not only stole the flat screen TV, but approximately $8-10, 000 of other electronics throughout the house.  The reason I share this is that the extent of this crime is far more serious than we thought and more likely that the youth involved are/were more deliberate than suspected.  Please be aware and watchful.  Hopefully the two youth will be found and prosecuted thanks to all the efforts of this wonderful neighborhood.  Laura"  (from email of Source:  Woods of Henderson  Neighborhood Watch)



Green Rock neighborhood

(located off Evans Road)

"Home Break In:  DeKalb Police just left [Allsborough Drive home] warning them to watch out for someone breaking in to houses on Green Rock Dr. (Off Umberland Dr. - area behind Allsborough woods on the lake side). They described him as follows:

Young white male (on a bike or walking it) cutting through the woods behind Allsborough Dr. on lake side wearing blue shorts and gray t-shirt.

Please call the police if you see him and alert all our neighbors.
"  (Source:  Berkshire Subdivision)



Alton Road even addresses

(between David Rd/Embry Circle)

Auto break-ins:

 " ... received a call this morning from residents on the even side of Alton between David and Embry Circle.  Several unlocked cars had been ransacked and items taken.  [Homeowner] noticed that there were a couple of places where small trees leaned over the wall which would make the backyards more accessible to anyone from the apartments beyond.  [Homeowners] drove over to the apartments.  By a dumpster and one of those Pods storage units they found at least two distinct trails leading to the wall.  In several places they found wooden pallets which had obviously found use as ladders to scale the wall.  [Homeowner] has reported all of this to our ICP officers.  In addition [homeowner] talked to the manager of the apartments.  She was going to walk down to that area and look around for herself.  She said she would also call the ICP officers and ask for their help and advice.  In addition, she would see that the pallets were removed and the trees cut.  We will check back with her in a few days.'  (from email of Source:  Henderson Estates Neighborhood Watch/Embry Hills Neighborhood Watch)


7:00 PM


Greystone Circle/Cove

(off Evans Road)


Homeowner reported leaving garage door open and discovering theft of alcohol beverages from garage refrigerator.  Police contacted.  Another homeowner noted similar incident a month ago.  (Source:  Greystone North subdivision)



Embry Hills Drive

(located off Embry Circle)


"While walking my dog, a neighbor informed me there was a burglary at [# removed] Embry Hills Dr about 11:00 AM today. The alert neighbor saw a young Hispanic male walking through yards close to where the alarm was going off. The police arrived in 15 minutes, and a description of the male and direction was rendered. The police got him."  (Source:  Embry Hills Neighborhood Watch)

3/2/08 PM-

3/3/08 AM



Belingham Drive/Varner Drive

(near Briarcliff Road/

Henderson Mill Road)


Car break-ins:  Homeowner reports her car was ransacked ... after leaving the car unlocked .. someone went into car and emptied all of the consoles and compartments ... Police report made.  Homeowner received a call from a neighbor on Varner Drive who found the wallet near her trash can ... This neighbor also advised that her car was also broken into. Please keep your cars locked and report any suspicious people you see walking the neighborhood. (Source:  Neighborhood notice forwarded by Tom D.)




Spring Meadow Court

(near Norcross Tucker Road/Pleasantdale Road)

"There were two people (White male & Hispanic male) in a gray Dodge van with no tag. A neighbor stopped them and asked questions. They said they repaired the roof. Actually, they had knocked the door almost off the hinges. They took a computer (tower only), games & CD's, golf clubs, coats, check book, step ladder,& a Mall gift card. ..."  (Source:  Neighborhood notice forwarded by Nestor Y.)


Mercedes Drive

(near Oak Grove Road/

Briarcliff Road)

DeKalb Police Arrest Teens In Lakeside Burglary




Prestwick Drive area

(off Henderson Road)

Mailbox vandalized.

"This may seem like a small incident, but it is frustrating. We live on Prestwick. At 4:15 pm today (Monday) two white male teens with brown hair knocked our mailbox off the stand.  They were driving a 2 tone brown Chevy S-10 probably a 90s model.  Tag number starts with WFY or WVY. They got out of the truck, to pick up the pieces and tried to drive over it again. Our neighbor yelled at them and they left.  My guess is that ours is not the only mailbox to be smashed."  (Source:  Neighborhood notice forwarded by Pete J.)



Melinda Court

(near intersection of Shallowford/Briarcliff Roads)

Attempted break-in
"A neighbor on Melinda Court had an attempted break-in today. She was at home in the shower. A black van pulled into the driveway and a heavy-set black man banged on her door. She came to the door and thought something was wrong and told the man she would call the police. He jumped into the van and blew the horn. Two other men came from the back of the house. They were trying to enter the house from other doors. The van sped away. This happened around 10 am."  (Source:  Tucker Notices Yahoo Group)




Prestwick Drive

(off Henderson Road)

Attempted break-in
"We had an attempted breakin this morning -Tues. Jan . 22.  I was home and two young black men tried to get in my front door.  When they were unable to get in that way they went around to the back and were able to get into our swimming pool.  When they saw me they turned and ran.  I was on the phone with 911.  Their car-a black sedan-was parked facing down my driveway-for a fast getaway.  I was unable to get a look at the license but the policeman said it was probably stolen. I thankfully was unhurt but quite shaken.  I want the neighborhood to be alert."  (Source:  Neighborhood notice forwarded by Pete J.)



Midvale Road/Norwich

Mailbox vandalized with in cinerary device.

"On December 31st around 2:30 a.m., a mailbox on Midvale Road was blown-up with some form of an in cinerary device. I do not have the exact address, but the home sits across from Norwich Road. It is for sale and sits next to the lot that is for sale. A Winding Woods neighbor was told that if anyone has any information regarding this incident to please call Det. D.E. Oak #2199 at 770-724-7817 or cell 404-867-2095. That's all we know right now. (Source: TuckerNoticesYahoo Group, Anne Lerner, Winding Woods Neighborhood Watch)



Embry Circle

(located off Henderson Mill Rd)

Car theft from residence/Gang Graffiti:  Police were called, and the car after being wrecked was recovered along with its contents.  Homeowners also noticed gang markings on stop signs in neighborhood as marking on neighbors mailbox next to car theft location.  (Source:  Embry Hills Neighborhood Watch)



St. Andrews Presbyterian Church

(Lavista Road)

Car break-in reported.
"I had pulled in to the St. Andrews Church parking lot to bring my daughter in for pre-school. I literally walked in, took her coat off, hung her backpack and kissed her goodbye...and came out to a broken driver's side window. I had left my purse in the car and it was long gone. I do not know how many of you do the same quick little stops, thinking you will be safe, but clearly it only takes a minute. Be on the look out, during the holidays and always. Have a safe one!"  (Source: TuckerNoticesYahoo Group)



between 10pm  & 6am

Bonaparte Drive

(off Chamblee Tucker)

Car stolen.  The following email was forwarded by neighbor Phil C.
"Block Captains, To be passed along: Please be aware that sometime between 10PM Tuesday night and 6AM on Wednesday morning of this week a car was stolen from the driveway of Bonaparte Drive - at the corner of Saint Helena and Bonaparte Drive. Their car was a  tan 2001 Camry. If anyone saw anything suspicious that night, please contact the Tucker police at the non-emergency number. The car was locked and nothing of high value was in the car. Broken glass was found in the driveway indicating that a window had probably been broken. The police received the stolen vehicle report by phone from owner after he discovered the loss. Please be vigilant for suspicious vehicles or people in the neighborhood. Thanks, Dale" (Note:  For privacy, I've removed street address, owner full name, and license no, Jenni)



Northlake/Tucker shopping parking lots

Scam artists working area parking lots. - Various reports of same individual and similar incidents:
"Neighbors and friends,
I was just approached by a clean-cut man in a black late-model Nissan Altima with a temporary tag reading Superior in the Northlake Festival lot near Starbucks. He claimed to be out of gas and trying to get home to Alpharetta and asked for a couple of bucks. He's very smooth and convincing, offering to refund the money by mail.

What he didn't realize is that he had already pulled the same routine on me before Thanksgiving in the Cofer Kroger lot! I actually fell for it and gave him two dollars that day. This time I told him he had scammed me before, and he drove away. I filed a police report. Don't be fooled!" 
(Source: TuckerNoticesYahoo Group)


LaVista Road in Tucker

(near Henderson Road and

Brockett Road)

"Realtors Warned After Sexual Attack"

Click here for news story.

November 2007

Wal Mart The following email was forwarded by neighbor Phil C.


A few weeks ago, my neighbor on Briarglen Dr.was at Wal Mart shopping. He was approached by a young man in his 20's, who gave the story that he had just had surgery and could not lift boxes. He asked my neighbor who is in his 80's to help him get a box off of the shelf. Well, being the helpful person he is, my neighbor reached up to get the box and while doing so, the young man "bumped" him. Later on, my neighbor discovered his wallet missing which had in it his credit cards, bank receipts, and a large sum of cash as he had just made a bank withdrawal. 

Long and short of the story, this jerk targeted my elderly neighbor and took advantage of his kindness and helpfulness. Wal Mart was very helpful in looking with the police at surveillance video, but could not get a real clear front picture of the guy. My neighbor has been concerned and distressed ever since that the guy who took his wallet also has his banking info and home address. 

Please remember to call the police on suspicious persons, especially this time of year. We are near Briarglen Ct. and I certainly hope this person was not looking for my neighbor's house. After the initial incident, tried to console my neighbor and tell him that most crooks are opportunists and take the quick and easy way to steal something and most would not "follow up" with a break in at a person's home. He expressed this concern to the police numerous times and the told him to make sure all of his neighbors are aware and keep an eye out on his home. We all need to be very watchful of each other. Who knows this day and time what these guys will do.



Townley Circle

(off Evans Road)

See email below.

(Source: Email forwarded by Henderson Road neighbor Pete J. and neighbor Phil C.)

"There was a very suspicious car driving slowly around Townley Circle today around 10:25 am.  It was an older Chevy Blazer (around 93'), red, with two dark skinned Hispanic males.  The car needed a new fan belt as it squealed. They were going about 5-10 mph looking at all the homes.  I drove around the neighborhood about 15 minutes later to see if they were working at someone's home and did not see them.  I didn't get the tag number. But, if something funny happens over the next few weeks, keep this in mind.  I've heard crimes go up before the holidays as people are
trying to get money for presents and also they know people will be out of town for Turkey day and Christmas."  (Nestor Young, Neighborhood Crime Watch Coordinator)


1:30 pm

Terramar Court

(cul-de-sac street between Chamblee Tucker Road and Gladney Drive)

See email below.

(Source: Email forwarded by Henderson Road neighbor Pete J. and neighbor Phil C.)

"A house on Terramar Court (a cul de sac street between Chamblee Tucker and Gladney Drive) was targeted to be burglarized today.  An alert neighbor saw what was happening and went outside with a cell phone to call the police.  The neighbor got a complete description of the perpetrators and their vehicle.  This happened today (Tuesday, November 13) at 1:33 p.m.  Here are the details:
The home had the garage door open and no cars parked inside or in the driveway.  The garage door does not face the street and was left open for a reason.  The home owners were not at home at the time.  The perpetrators drove into the cul de sac slowly looking for opportunities.  One of the males got out of the car and walked up the driveway to scope out the situation.  The vehicle then backed into the driveway up close to the house.  This is when the neighbor came out with his cell phone.  When they saw him coming they left in a hurry.  The neighbor got the following information:
Vehicle:  Tan 1997 Ford Explorer
GA Tag:  AFN 8373   (The police said the car is registered to a 39 year old male living in Roswell.  The car is not reported stolen.)
Perpetrators: (believed to be juveniles) one White male; one Black male with dread locks; one Hispanic male with thin beard.  There was also a driver but no description was provided.
It is believed that these burglars maybe targeting our neighborhood.  Last week a house on Bloxom Court was burglarized (Bloxom Court is the next block over from Terramar Court).  The items stolen, such as liquor, appear to be consistent with burglaries committed by juveniles, according to the police.  Fingerprints were lifted from this crime scene.
Please keep a lookout for this vehicle and if you see it on your street report it to the police immediately."  (Nestor Young, Neighborhood Crime Watch Coordinator)

Hambersham Subdivision

(located off Chamblee Tucker Road, near Embry Hills Shopping Center)

See email below.

(Source: TuckerNoticesYahoo Group)

"Yesterday (13 November 2007) one of our neighbors on Bloxham Court, came home from vacation to find they had been broken into sometime within this past week.

The assailant(s) entered through a downstairs window (wooded area at the back of their house), breaking through the double-pained glass (not easily done!). They (presumed plural, but unknown) went through the house, rifling drawers and closets everywhere. Ended-up stealing a small safe containing the homeowner's fine jewelry (including engagement ring, etc.) and small, easily sold/pawned, quick-cash items. They went though, but left behind prescription medications
and consumed while there, a half bottle of cognac.

Quite obviously this was pull-off by inexperienced burglars, most likely youth/teenagers. The police were able to obtain several, very well defined finger prints. It is also presumed by their thoroughness, this/these assailant(s) knew the owners were not there and weren't coming home anytime soon.

Obviously we are in 'this' season once again. This type of activity always seems to elevate just before the holidays. Please make an extra effort to take care of your own property. Lock your doors/windows, cars and garages everyday. Be sure your homes are secure and especially, when you are driving through the neighborhood, keep an eye out for suspicious activity. There was another report I
heard last night, of a woman/girl knocking on peoples' doors this past weekend, asking if they needed their gutters cleaned. It is recommended that you kindly advise them that there is NO door-to-door soliciting in your neighborhood (without a county issued permit) and that you will be calling the police to advise of their activity. This very well could have been legitimate, but also could very well
be someone casing the neighborhood. Strange vehicles and/or pedestrians going though the neighborhood need to be observed and noted (description, time & date). We all need to watch-out for our own families, but also for each other.

Be safe, remain alert and have a Happy Thanksgiving!"

Mac McElroy
Nottaway Neighborhood Watch



Alton Road

(between Chamblee Tucker Rd. and Mercer Univ. Drive)

Mail Theft Alert:  "I wanted to alert you that I believe we had mail stolen from our mailbox today. I wasn't sure whether mail would be delivered (Veterans Day) but I put it out at around noon.  I ran some errands during the day, and got home around 4:00.  I saw that the flag was still up on the mailbox, so at around 5 pm I went out to bring it into the house, not wanting to leave it out overnight.  The mail was gone.  I've called 911 and am waiting for a call-back so I can give a report. Please pass this on in the event that someone else made the same (dumb) mistake that I did."  (Source:  Neighborhood email from Pat S.)

Lakeside High area

(Briarcliff Road area)

It is being reported that a burglary suspect was arrested Wednesday in a
subdivision off Pangborn Road. According to the police, "This subject will
clear most of the burglaries around Lakeside High for the last 2 months. He
is a white /male 20 years old, lives with his parents off Oakgrove Road."
(not in Sagamore Hills) So far they have 6 burglaries involving him.  (Source:  Sagamore Hills Hotline)



Henderson Road

(between Henderson Way and Cardinal Drive)

Homeowner reports:  Our front door was kicked in. The thief only took what they could carry (Camcorder, Digital camera, photo docking station/printer and some prescription medication.)  I feel certain these incidents are related [to recent traveling magazine sales crew].



Neighborhoods along

Evans Road, Midvale Road, Henderson Road, Fellowship/Idlewood Roads

Traveling magazine sales crew in Tucker area:  Click here for hendersonroad.com notice.

Report of black male, 5'3", wearing a white shirt and maroon tie attempting door to door sales of magazines.  DeKalb Police responded and checked id.  He didn't have a permit for door to door sales which is against county ordinance.  It's reported the officer warned/asked him not to continue sales. Another incident occurred with young, black female meeting homeowner at end of driveway.  (Source: TuckerNoticesYahoo Group)



between 10pm  & 6am

Briarcliff Commons

(Henderson Mill Road & Briarcliff Way)

Homeowners filed report with Police that their truck parked in the lot next to their house was broken into. Luckily, garage door opener was overlooked.  Homeowners caution everyone to make sure all alarms are armed and that we all be vigilant about our neighborhood.



Briarcliff Commons

(Henderson Mill Road & Briarcliff Way)



Homeowner called property manager to report a car with DeKalb plates, AFQ 8385, Navy Blue, circling the neighborhood.  The driver had on a white hooded sweatshirt.  Another homeowner confirmed seeing this same individual circling in the neighborhood. 



Briarlake Trace

(between Briarlake & Briarcliff Roads)

Armed robbery by 3 men.  There were two people at home--one on the main floor and the woman upstairs in a bedroom.  The dogs were barking; the woman called down for the man to feed the dogs.  He walked to the kitchen and was hit over the head when the men came from the basement where they gained access by breaking a window.  They tied the man up and asked if anyone else was home. He said no, but then female occupant called out to see what was wrong.  Male occupant said, "we're being robbed" before they put duct tape on his mouth and eyes.   Female occupant locked the bedroom door and called police.  One of the robbers went upstairs and kicked in the bedroom door  and threw her to the floor. They took electronics, computer and jewelry.  They roughed up male occupant before leaving.  (Email forwarded to Source:  Woods of Henderson Neighborhood Watch)





Henderson Park

(between Henderson Rd/

Livsey Rd)

Car break-in the Henderson Park parking lot closest to the playground.  The main entrance is off from Livsey Road, past the soccer fields and around down a wooded road to get to the playground/lake
area/hiking trails. Car owner mentions that ... Unfortunately, you cannot see your car from the playground/lake area so that is, I am sure, an attraction to the thieves.
My brother is a DeKalb County Police officer and he told me lots of robberies have been occurring in our area ... not just at Henderson Park. He told me the
thieves were probably watching from the woods and saw that I left w/o my purse.  (Source: 
TuckerNoticesYahoo Group)




Northlake Kroger

LaVista Road

Northlake area abduction attempt.

(Source:  Various Neighborhood association email groups)


Sent: Tuesday, September 11, 2007 6:48:53 PM
Subject: [MothersandMoreDekalb] Please Read this Email Re: Northlake Area

Hi, all. This message came over my email from another mom's group I belong to. It's a little nerve wracking.

Subject: [Leafmore90] Northlake Kroger Abduction Attempt

Please see the following msg that was forwarded to me today from my son's former teacher at OGYCS. The msg is from Henderson Mill Elementary Principal, Rebecca Jackson.

Dear Faculty and Staff,
A parent of one of our students reported to me this morning that two men approached her son at the Northlake Kroger and tried to get him to go with them. (Somehow they became separated for a few minutes while shopping.) The parent reported this to the police and did get the license plate number on the men's car. Please talk with your students about keeping themselves safe by not talking to strangers.

Dr. Jackson



10:00 PM



Greenbrook Way

(between Briarlake & Briarcliff Roads)

Report of forced entry and robbery:  Two black males kicked in door, tied up the occupants, and robbed the home.

(Source:  Shenandoah Valley Neighborhood Watch)





Greystone Circle/Cove

(off Evans Road)

Money taken from unlocked auto parked in driveway.  Another car was stolen.  Details not known at this time if car locked or unlocked.  Police contacted.

(Source: Greystone North subdivision)


2:00 PM


Northlake Mall Click here for news story:  Men Smash Counter With Pipe; $60K In Jewelry Stolen


2:00 AM


Regal Way

(located off Henderson Road)

Neighborhood Block Captain observed the following suspicious activity:  A believed to be dark colored pickup truck with somewhat loud muffler pulled along side parked vehicles on street.  Truck occupant spent several seconds next to each vehicle before pulling away.  911 called, and two DeKalb Police cruisers responded and checked vehicles for any entry.    (Source:  Regal Forest Neighborhood Watch)


Early afternoon


Leslie Drive

(off Henderson Mill Rd.)

Homeowner reports neighbor's home was broken into.  The door in the carport was kicked in.  The house was completely trashed.  It appears a computer, iPod, and some various iPod stuff were taken.  Police were called.  Note:  Reports that several break-ins occurred in the neighborhood area during this same and adjacent days.  (Source:  Woods of Henderson Neighborhood Watch)


Late Afternoon

Regal Way

(Henderson Road)

Bolero Pass

(Henderson Mill Road)

Door to Door Sales - 2 incidents:

Around 6:00 pm, two young white males wearing blue shirts and khaki pants were going door to door in the Regal Forest Neighborhood.  A Neighborhood Block Captain coming home stopped and asked the men for more information.  One man showed a clipboard of the Tucker/Northlake area with various areas circled where "they" would be doing home repair/renovations work and wanted to advise/apologize  to any neighbors for the noise.  He indicated that he was not selling anything but with "Vantage" Marketing company and showed a sheet with company logos for home related products.  He could not show a county issued permit badge, only a "homemade looking' badge with his name and photo.  He indicated an off duty police officer had stopped him earlier, looked at the badge, and indicated he was ok without a permit.  Block Captain called 911 and reported to Police.  (Source:  Regal Forest Neighborhood Watch)

On Monday, 6/18/07 around 5:45 pm, homeowner reports gentleman came to door offering Home Renovations.  Shortly after homeowner turned him away, DeKalb Police were out interviewing him on the Bolero Pass cul-de-sac.  (Source:  Woods of Henderson Neighborhood Watch)




Greystone Circle

(off Evans Road)

Digital camera, passport, keys, garage remote taken from auto parked in driveway.  Details not known at this time if car locked or unlocked.

(Source: Greystone North subdivision)

6/10/07 PM - 6/11/07 AM


Winbrooke Lane

(corner off Winbrooke Lane / Crestcliff Drive)

License plate stolen from vehicle.  (Source: Winding Woods Neighborhood Watch)





Bolero Drive

(off Henderson Mill Road)

Homeowner reports 3 teenagers (2 black males, 1 black female) tried to steal a bike from the garage.  Nearby neighbor observed what was happening and contacted the homeowner to close the garage.    Bike was dropped and recovered.

(Source: Woods of Henderson Neighborhood Watch)





Woburn Drive / Brockett Meadows

(located near Lawrenceville

Hwy and Brockett Road)

A neighbor returned home from work Friday to find a broken window. (She did have the house locked up, and the alarm was on but the motion sensor was
not activated because of her pets.) She and police looked carefully, but at first found nothing missing. Later she heard a pair of youths had been seen walking through the neighborhood with a computer. She searched again, and realized that a computer and some jewelry were missing. Has reported this new info to the police to upgrade the crime report to "burglary"

(Source: Tucker Notices Yahoo group)





Pine Grove subdivision off of Northlake Parkway

(located between LaVista Road and Lawrenceville Hwy)

Homeowner reports three auto break-ins for the Pine Grove subdivision (one on Cameo Court and two on Robin Hill Court).  Homeowner(s) requested visibility-patrolling in neighborhood and awaiting status by local Police precinct.





Embry Hills Shopping Center / Rose Arbor subdivision

(located near Chamblee Tucker Road/Northcrest Road)

The following incident was forwarded by Henderson Road area neighbor and reported by Northcrest Road area Neighborhood Watch Coordinator:  "Just heard of a very scary car jacking that took place in Rose Arbor subdivision on Northcrest Road right across from our subdivision. One of my nursing students who lives there was followed home from Kroger at 8 PM last Tuesday evening. She noticed the car but thought it must be a neighbor. She pulled her SUV into the garage (door was open) and was unloading the groceries when a man jumped her from behind, pulled her down and choked her rendering her unconscious for a few seconds. When she woke up, the man was starting up her car. He drove away in her silver Volvo SUV. Her car or the man have not been apprehended. Here is how she described the perpetrator. White male, young with a baby face, blond short hair and light eyes. He is slender, not too tall and wore a medium brown leather jacket. She said he sort of looked like the rap singer Eminem. Her very large dog was in the garage, scared to death, and did not help."





Briarcliff Village

(located near intersection of Briarcliff and Henderson Mill Roads)

The following incident was reported about neighbor doing her grocery shopping at Briarcliff Village:  Neighbor got out of her car and was walking through the parking lot when a young black male in a car indicated he wanted to ask her a question.  When she turned, he pulled out a gun and demanded that she give him her purse.  She turned away and ran into the grocery.  He did not get her purse.  Police were immediately contacted.   (Source:  Shenandoah Valley Neighborhood Watch)




Terri Lynn Court

(located off near Northlake Pkwy & Lawrenceville Hwy)

Homeowner reports perpetrator(s) smashed the glass on backdoor and took only what could be carried in the duffel bag they took, which included DVD player (failed to take remote), about $40 in change, and a portable CD player with headphones.  (Source:  Tucker Notices)

February 2007


Midvale Road

Briarcliff & Shallowford Roads

Suspicious door-to-door magazine and book sellers in area neighborhoods.  Specific details follow ...

"In response to the info about suspicious door-to-door magazine sellers, there have been lots of responses of similar experiences lately, some selling magazines, some selling children's books.

Another thread runs through many of the reports ... the seller tells the occupant that his mother lives in the neighborhood.  Sometimes he either gives a first name for his mother (which is not recognized) and sometimes he names a street that is a couple streets away.  Asked once for his mother's last name, a seller left.  He sometimes says that the books he's "selling" are going to be donated to a children's hospital, which he cannot name.  There are never any samples.  This is happening in the middle of the day.

On Sunset Drive, a neighbor has more than twice over the last months had a young man (~24) come to the door after dark (~7:45pm), indicating he "was our neighbor from 2494" without any street name, and had to "sell just 2 more subscriptions to meet his quota" but a cash donation would suffice.  The seller was freezing cold but seemed clean. 

There are varied possibilities for the intent of these "salesman".  Maybe they are looking for unoccupied houses to enter.  Or maybe they're being dropped off the neighborhood to see what money they can easily garner from too-trusting people.  Or both.  So far, they've just been a nuisance, but we need to be alert.  The next time you talk to your neighbors who may not be on e-mail, be sure to let them know about that they need to be alert to this kind of thing.

Source:  North Briarcliff Civic Assn Watch 2/7/07


DeKalb Police - Center Precinct issued a community alert concerning Solicitors in the area of Briarcliff & Shallowford Roads:  "there has been criminal incidents reported involving these solicitors.  This is just an alert to advise you of what information has been relayed to the Police Department."

Source:  Shenandoah Valley Yahoo Group 2/9/07


Homeowner reported a magazine salesman knocked on door saying he was new in the neighborhood and wanted to meet everybody.  Homeowner called 911, and officer responded.  The man was already making a sale to nearby neighbor.  The officer stopped the man who had no id and said he was from Texas.  Homeowner is waiting to hear back from Police officer on further details regarding this incident and possible warrants and tickets in other states.  A full size white Dodge passenger van was involved in incident."

Source:  Midvale Road neighbor 2/10/07


Beware of scammers nearby

Source:  Tucker Notices Yahoo Group




Regal Way

(located off Henderson Road)

Homeowner reported to Police that a chainsaw and backpack blower were taken from garage.  Homeowner believes he accidentally left garage door up when leaving for store.




Palace Court (cul-de-sac area)

(located off Henderson Road)














Peppermint Drive

(located off Henderson Road)

Two incidents reported by homeowners:  (1) At approx. 9:10am, I found the driver side door of my car ajar.  ( I think I'd left the door unlocked.)  The glove box was open and contents were found on the passenger seat.  All dashboard compartments were open and empty.  Two change purse/wallets were empty and on top of pile (had contained approx. $5).  Police report made.  (2) Another homeowner in same location reported similar incident with unlocked car gone through.  Nothing reported missing.  Neighborhood Watch Coordinator asked that homeowner report through 911.

Three incidents reported by homeowners:  (1) Cars gone through, and nothing was taken.  Police called.  (2) Contents of glove compartment and center storage area  were gone through and placed in seat of car.  Nothing was taken even though expensive binoculars and CDs were in car.  Block Captain suggested also notifying Police if occurs again.  (3)  Cars broken into with only loose change taken.





Allsborough Drive

(located off Henderson Road)

Report that burglars broke into cars taking a digital camera.  Cars were parked in garage with door down.  Side door into the garage was not locked.  Police report made.  (Source:  Shenandoah Valley Yahoo Group)

Through the hendersonroad.com mailbox, it's learned that three neighbors have had their cars gone through, and items stolen.  Police reports not filed.

1/25/07-1/26/07 Community Research Note FYI.  Henderson Road & Midvale Road neighbors contacted the Tucker Precinct about the increased number of car break-ins, items taken from unlocked cars, etc. occurring in our area.  It was learned the Tucker Precinct wasn't aware of all of these incidents as they aren't being reported through "911".




Woodcreek Court

(between Midvale Road/Lavista Road)



Morgan Road

(between Henderson Road/ Chamblee-Tucker Road)



Northlake Creek subdivision

(off Henderson Rd. via Morgan Rd.)

Woodcreek Ct. homeowner reports accidentally leaving car unlocked overnight.  Contents left in a mess, and change stolen from change compartment.

Morgan Rd. homeowner reports car was broken into overnight.  This is second occurrence with first occurrence in 11/2006.

Northlake Creek homeowner reports several cars (maybe as many as 10) ransacked in subdivision.  None of the cars were locked.  Mostly loose change was taken, and some tools from two cars.



Hugh Howell Road

(Tucker, GA)

The owner of Starblaze Jewelers exchanged shots with three armed robbers inside the store ... shooting one of the robbers in the leg ... Police searching for three suspects.

Click here for news story, "Jewelry Store Gunfight Leaves Robber Wounded"




Crestcliff Drive

(located between Midvale and La Vista Roads)

Homeowner made purchase from appliance/TV store.  When he got home, two African American males held him face down at gunpoint while they took his purchase and some other items.  Homeowner was not physically hurt.  Incident is under investigation by PD.   See incident reported 1/13/07 LaVista Woods Drive.  (Source:  Winding Woods Neighborhood Watch)



Empire Forest

(located off Midvale Road across from Empire Square)

Empire Forest neighbor reports accidentally leaving car door unlocked and discovering car was rifled through.  Items were pulled out of glove box and middle console and thrown on the seats.  No items seem to be stolen.




Empire Square

(located off Midvale Road)

Empire Square neighbor reports the following incidents:

(1/9/07) Three unlocked cars were rifled through with wallet stolen from one of the vehicles.

(1/13/07) Construction trailer parked for several months in driveway of empty house was broken into, and $1000 worth of tools were stolen.  The owner feels professionals, not teenagers on a lark, were involved as the lock was sawn open.  (Stolen tools will  be reported to DeKalb Police.)  Next door neighbor heard noise but thought his roommate was returning home.  The next AM, he discovered his own storage shed door open.  No items reported stolen.



Lavista Woods Drive

(located between Midvale and La Vista Roads)

House was broken into Friday/Saturday overnight while owners were sleeping.  No further details available at this time. (Source:  Winding Woods Neighborhood Watch)

Update (1/15/07):  Through the hendersonroad.com mailbox, it's learned that a new TV and cash/gift cards were some of the items taken.  Incident is under investigation by PD.



Landeau Circle

(located off Midvale Road)

Homeowner reports leaving car unlocked and finding glove compartment door open and contents in passenger seat.  Change had been stolen.  Homeowner called DeKalb Police non-emergency number to report theft and waiting callback from a detective to complete report.




mid-Dec. 2006

Around 3am


Galangale Way



Ranlo Drive / Evans Road

(all streets located off Evans Road near Chamblee Tucker Road)

Home was broken into, and several items including a TV, laptop, financial information were taken.

One mailbox on Ranlo, and two mailboxes on Evans were knocked over.  (Source:  Henderson Estates Neighborhood Watch)



Lavista Woods Drive,

Norwich Drive

(both streets located between Midvale and La Vista Roads)


Homeowners report incidents of cars rifled through:  (1) Glove boxes left open.  Nothing appears to have been taken.  Both cars were unlocked; no car windows broken.  Police contacted.  (2) Garage door left open.  Money taken from coin holder in center console of car, amounting to less than $20.  Easily accessible and reasonably valuable items were ignored.


between 10am to 2pm


Aspen Court

(located off Henderson Road)

Home was broken into sometime between 10 AM and 2 PM. The front door was kicked in. A computer was included in the items reported taken. An observant neighbor noticed the door damage and contacted the homeowners and Police.


after 9 pm


Shenandoah Valley Drive (located between Henderson Mill/Briarcliff Roads) A suspicious van full of young white men was seen in the Shenandoah Valley neighborhood looking through the window of a resident's house on Havermill Way. The men said they were with the AJC and trying to sell subscriptions; it was after 9pm. They gave a fake phone number and lame excuses. Please be aware of your surroundings and keep your eyes peeled for a suspicious white van in your neighborhood.  (Source:  Shenandoah Valley Neighborhood Watch)


10am to 2pm

Shenandoah Valley Drive (located off Briarcliff Road) Reported that home was broken into and numerous valuable items stolen.  Robbers smashed in and came through front door.



Near Midvale Road and Henderson Mill Road Homeowner reports:  My son was walking home from the mall area around 3:15pm today and had a suspicious encounter. He said that a man claimed to know him and tried to give him a ride home.  The guy never called my son by name, but
made comments that it was good to see him again.  My son didn't recognize the guy and refused. He came home and described the encounter and we didn't recognize the man or truck.  Here is the description:

A middle age/older white male going bald

2-tone truck - gray or light blue with a stripe down the side GMC style model with a winch on the front.

(Source:  Tucker Notices)


Update (11/20/06):  Through the hendersonroad.com mailbox, we have a lead regarding the man/van from an area neighbor.  Information has been forwarded to the homeowner.



Palace Court (cul-de-sac area)

(located off Henderson Road)

Homeowner reported an attempted break-in.  The homeowner was awakened to the noise of someone attempting to break in the rear utility/laundry room door.  The homeowner quickly exited the home through a window.  Neighborhood dogs were heard barking.  Police were called.  The door was found damaged and had to be replaced.  No suspicious cars or individuals observed in area at time of incident.



(West Exchange Place)

Several break-ins and property thefts reported at Northlake Tucker LA Fitness.

Click here for news media story, "Break-Ins Upset Gym Customers".



Cravey Drive

(off Briarcliff Road)

Homeowner reports that mail boxes have been smashed along Cravey Drive.  This is the second time in five months.  Police were called and made aware of incident.

Also recently reported:  Box of checks stolen out of mailbox on Cravey Drive.  Police notified.  Thieves opened credit card account and ordered goods on internet.



3720 Midvale Road & Landeau Homeowner reports their home was burglarized.  Witnesses saw two white males departing the home, using a white work van for transportation.  Electronic items, etc. were taken.  Thieves acted boldly with surrounding neighbors at home during this time.

Friendly reminder from Winding Vista neighborhood:  Be on the look out, especially if you see a suspicious car at a neighbor's house that you know is not home.  A simple phone call to the police can prevent this from happening to another family.  It is better to be safe than sorry!



Aspen Ct./Henderson Rd. Neighbor reports the following suspicious car activity:  Our dogs alerted us to a car that had paused in front of the house around 2:30am.  Husband noticed the car lights on Caraway Drive shortly thereafter. He also noticed that our mailbox was open when he went out to get the morning paper.  We couldn't get a good id on the car, only that it was a small/mid size car.


Early am

Embry Hills Shopping Center

(Kroger on Chamblee Tucker Road / I285)

Delivery driver shot in DeKalb County; Two suspects were arrested; Police investigating if suspects linked to other crimes in area.

Click here for news media story.



Kodiak Drive/Alderbrook Road (between LaVista and Briarcliff Roads) Smash and Grab - A home on Kodiak Dr. was entered by smashing a glass door. Homeowner's wallet was taken and although the occupants were present, the person was gone by the time the resident came from their bedroom to the front where the break-in occurred. Police indicated that they had had another call from an Alderbrook Rd. address about the same time period. Although the victim immediately notified their credit card companies, the thief had already used one of the cards at a business location.



DeKalb County From: Henderson PTSA
Sent: 10/06/2006 1:32 PM
Subject: Safety Notice from DeKalb County Schools

We have just received the following information from the Dekalb County School System.

Please be on the lookout for two white or Hispanic males between the ages of 25-35, one wearing a "Mohawk" hair style. Reportedly, they are driving a white van with very dark tinted windows. The two men have tried to lure young children into the van by offering them candy. If they are seen in your area, please call 911
immediately and then let me know ASAP by e-mail or cell phone (404-392-0092).

Garry McGiboney, Ph.D.
Deputy Superintendent
Student Support Services
3770 North Decatur Road
Decatur, Georgia 30032


September 2006

Briarcliff Village/Northlake Mall area Several neighborhood groups reported car stolen and robberies in this shopping area.



LaVista Road and Briarlake Road intersection Flasher Spotted Near Briarlake Elementary School

Click here for news media story.

Reports from local neighborhood watch/local groups have mentioned:  the suspect had been arrested last May for indecent exposure (flashing, lewd acts); there had been a report of a man meeting this description knocking on a carport door in the Sagamore Elementary area on 8/24/06; the suspect hides in wooded areas and waits for walkers to come by;  there have been sightings of this man riding his bike up and down Lavista Road numerous times and hanging out around Checkers (on the corner of Lavista and Northlake Pkwy.)




Henderson Road area Thefts of wrought iron lawn furniture

Henderson Road area homeowner would like to inform neighbors that someone is stealing wrought iron lawn furniture from lawns in our area.  The homeowner had a wrought iron bench and chair stolen a couple of months ago.  They received a call today (8/22/06) from a neighbor that someone had taken their wrought iron bench.  The bench is very heavy and would require two people to pick it up, and it would require a truck or van to haul it.  Please be on the look out for such activity.


8:00 pm


Henderson Summit

(off Henderson Road)

Car stolen from house on Henderson Summit

The following information was shared by a Henderson Summit neighbor:

Thursday night the 17th of August at about 8 pm our neighbor across the street had their car stolen from their carport.  They are a young couple with 4 boys (6 and younger).  They were all at home - upstairs bathing the kids.

A green Ford Taurus drove up.  One young black fellow got out – walked up to the house – their double garage door was up.  He first went through the SUV in the double carport and did not get anything.  Walked in the house – door was unlocked and got the keys to the BMW in the single carport.  A friend of theirs drove up as he was getting into the BMW – She got a good look at him – as he backed out – went around her car and drove away – toward Tucker.  The green Ford Taurus went ahead of him. The Ford had a dented passenger side rear fender panel.

The friend rushed into the house – alerted all seven folks that were upstairs.  They immediately called police.  Police came and stayed a long time – tried to do finger prints and all – but long story short the car is gone and they are fortunate no one was hurt.

Just wanted you to let all neighborhoods know – Police said that it was happening all over – going through carports – breaking in houses and all – so keep the doors locked and garage doors down.

Update:  Car was recovered, and police are following leads.



Aspen Ct./Henderson Rd. A homeowner leaving for work bserved a late model dark pick-up maybe Ranger, driving throughout various nearby neighborhoods.

For additional research, the Atlanta Journal & Constitution newspaper carrier department was contacted.  It was learned that the carrier in this area drives a red Ford Ranger pickup and older white Nissan Maxima.  The paper is delivered between 4:30-6:00am.  Possibly the same vehicle? ...



McCully Drive

(between La Vista Road & Briarcliff Drive)

Randolph Estates Neighborhood Watch and also local Yahoo groups distributed the following details:

Randolph Estates had a break-in  at 3025 McCully Drive while the residents were away.  The residents left home in the morning and discovered the break-in when they returned home at noon.  DeKalb Police have responded and are investigating.  This is the first break-in the Randolph Estates area in quite a while, but other areas of DeKalb County are experiencing break-ins on a regular basis.

Randolph Estates Neighborhood Watch also advised that there are people cruising the neighborhoods regularly, recording patterns of homes and residents, looking for opportunities to break-in.

Update:  "Burglary Suspect" (Randolph Rd, Henderson Mill Rd, McCully Drive)
Detectives advised a description of a "Suspicious Person," possible suspect in the recent burglaries that occurred during the week of August 11th:

White Male, approximately 5'8", 175lbs., blond hair

Possibly driving:  Red vehicle, possible Ford or Chevy, Tag number unknown

This suspect has entered residences by kicking in rear doors or breaking rear windows.


2:00 am



Lake Louise Apartments

(Evans Road and Henderson Mill Road)

Reported on radio and TV that an off-duty DeKalb police officer killed intruder after suspected robbing crew forced their way into officer's apartment unit.


10:00 pm



Aspen Ct./Henderson Rd.

Homeowners in area observed black 90's model Ford Ranger pickup cruising Aspen Court neighborhood.  Vehicle parked temporarily in cul-de-sac and later along side of Henderson Road near subdivision entrance.  White male observed walking to Aspen Court entrance and departs in vehicle.  Homeowner followed vehicle for short time; Police contacted. 





Neighborhood off of Henderson Road

Homeowner reports:  We live in a neighborhood off of Henderson Rd and had our car broken into Tuesday night while it was parked in our driveway.  I am pretty sure it was locked but there was no damage to the car, maybe a slim Jim was used.  The thief took the spare change in the console, my wife's sunglasses and our digital camera that was in the glove box.  None of these items were visible from outside the car.  They did take the time to rummage through the whole car.




Peppermint Drive

(off Henderson Road)

Homeowner alerts neighborhood and files Police report about possible Social Security/identity theft phone scam.  Click here for details.

(Regal Forest Neighborhood Watch)

6/28/06 -7/5/06


Peppermint Drive

(off Henderson Road)

Homeowner had been away since Wednesday, 6/28 and arrived home the evening of Wednesday, 7/5 to find electronic items and money were missing.  A police report was filed.  (Regal Forest Neighborhood Watch)
6/30/06 -7/5/06

Winding Way

(between La Vista & Midvale Roads)

Home on Winding Way was broken into sometime between 6/30 and 7/5.  The
culprit(s) entered through a basement window that seemed to be opened by a
crow bar.  Jewelry and a social security card were stolen.  The owners took
all precautions to make the house look lived in while they were away.  Police speculated that the homeowners might have been observed packing the
car Friday in preparation for their trip. Police said that would-be robbers often cruise neighborhoods before holidays looking for folks who are packing to go away.  (Winding Woods Neighborhood Watch)
June 2006


Northlake Mall area Stolen cars - Empire Square homeowner reports that a neighbor's older model Cadillac was stolen on a Sunday from Northlake Mall (parked on the upper Sears level/Parisian entrance area) less than an hour after neighbor arrived at Mall.  The neighbor also has learned that a friend's older model Buick parked in the same area at Northlake was stolen as well.  (Incident date unknown.)

6/7/06 12:30am,




LaVista Woods Drive

(between La Vista & Midvale Roads)

Auto broken into in carport - Homeowner reported daughter's car was broken into.  Nothing appeared to be taken.  It appeared that they were scared away as they dropped her cell phone headphones in the driveway. The car window was cracked a little, and they unlocked the doors.  Someone came back into homeowner's carport, and neighbor scared them away.  Police were called and made a report.  Everything was locked.



Regal Way

(off Henderson Road)

Neighbors contacted Police regarding suspicious Oldsmobile Intrigue parked/unoccupied between two houses.  Homeowners in the area were not familiar with this car.  The officer responded within approximately 10 minutes and checked out the car.  Using his laptop in the cruiser, the officer accessed the car owner’s information, documented whose car it was, and it did not register as a red flag.  It appears to be a student’s car. The officer determined no further action was needed.  The car was gone the next day.
5/24/06 Crestcliff Road & Midvale Road Neighbors be aware that a gold colored Suburban with NY tag DKW1401 has been spotted "cruising" the area and sometimes parking on Crestcliff Drive at various times during the past few days.  Sometimes the driver is an African American male in his twenties wearing a white skull cap and other times two African American females are in the car. Neighbors along Crestcliff are watching for this vehicle. Please call 911 if you spot it or any other suspicious activity.
The police have been notified and want you to call.  (Winding Woods Neighborhood Watch)




Regal Way

(off Henderson Road)


Homeowner while outside noticed a red Bronco or Scout SUV parked in front of his house with headlights turned off.  The vehicle was parked near street light.  Homeowner walked towards street (about 1 1/2 car lengths from the vehicle) and could not determine if anyone was in the vehicle.  As homeowner started back towards his house, the vehicle started up and drove up towards Palace Court, turning left.  The homeowner then drove around the neighborhood but did see the vehicle again.  The homeowner also notified the neighbors where the vehicle had been parked across the street from in case the vehicle's driver was looking into their house (lights on and curtains open).




Oak Crossing Drive

(off LaVista Road)


The following information was distributed by the homeowner.  It is good information for all.

We had a strange and disconcerting experience this evening which we wanted to pass on.  We live across LaVista Road on Oak Crossing Drive.  As we were driving home tonight from the ball park, a man came down the street slowly in a newer model tan Toyota Camry.  He was about early 40s, white male, seemed of average build with thick, salt and pepper (mostly gray) hair.  (Unfortunately, we did not get the license plate number.)  I was outside w/ our son and he slowed down and then turned around in the cul-de-sac and left.  Then he returned as my husband and our other son arrived home.  He was in the middle of the road, blocking the way.  He pulled aside but called out to my husband that he loved our house and wanted to talk to him.  Since he would not drive away, my husband walked out to talk to him.  He said his name was Ernie Hartwell or maybe Harwell, that he was scouting houses for movies and that our house had good "symmetry".  He asked my husband for our "contact" information.  Then our son pulled up to them on his bike.  The man started talking to our son, trying to engage our son in a conversation.  My husband told our son to go inside, which he did.  The man then pressed my husband for his contact information, which he did not give out.  My husband asked the man for his contact information, which he declined to give and then drove off in a huff.  My husband had a bad feeling about this man the entire time.  Again, we just wanted to pass this on because it was very creepy and scared us.




Bolero Drive

(off Henderson Mill Road)


Homeowner reported someone tampered with their mailbox.  Their mail was scattered down the street.  Neighbors found a couple of pieces of mail on 4/28.  Both envelopes had been opened with a check evidently taken out of one of the envelopes.

Note:  This is a reminder to let a neighbor know if you are going to be out of town.  Have someone pick up your newspapers and mail.  It is most important to get your mail as soon as you can after it is delivered.  (Woods of Henderson Watch)





Winding Woods

(subdivision between

Midvale & La Vista Roads)


A neighbor reported seeing a "suspicious" truck driving through the Winding Woods neighborhood.  The truck passed by the same streets several times as if it was checking things out.  It was a beat-up, white, full size pick-up truck with damage to the driver's side mirror.  The back of the truck was full of junk, and the license plate may begin with AEH.  The driver appeared to be white.  A description of the passenger could not be determined.  Neighbor reported this incident to police.





Menlo Drive &

Menlo Way

(Briaridge subdivision - near intersection of Chamblee Tucker & Tucker Norcross Roads)

The following information was distributed by the homeowner and by a friend to several area neighborhood watch groups.

Hey guys.

I wanted to alert you all about something that just happened this afternoon.

We frequently allow Joe to play outside by himself - while we keep an eye on him from in the house, and he often plays out front - knowing that he isn't allowed to go near the street, talk to strangers, etc.  Just about an hour ago (about 2pm), he was outside on the front walkway playing, and Mike came inside the house for a moment to get something.  In the 2 minutes Joe was alone, a medium gray van (older style - looked like an old RAM1500 or something like that) pulled up in front of the walkway and waved to Joe.  Joe started walking toward the street (thank goodness I was watching out the window from upstairs!), he says because he thought it was someone's grandpa.  I  yelled down to Mike and he immediately opened the front door - as soon as he did, the van drove away, before I got a plate number, towards Gladney.

I have no idea if this is cause for concern or not, but I wanted to get the word out asap --- if this van comes around again, we should check it out - I've never seen it before in the neighborhood.  Again,  it could have just been someone driving around for a purpose, and happened to pause in front of my house and wave innocently.  However - I don't think we can be too careful when it comes to strangers and our kids.  I hope I never see it again, or this email turns up that it
was in fact "so and so's" grandfather's.

Anyway --- let's get the word out to either find out who the can belongs to, or keep our eyes open.




Corner of Briarcliff & Briarlake Roads

Homeowner reported that his weed eater was stolen out of his garage.  He left his garage door open for 10 minutes, and when he walked back into the garage, an African American man in his late 20's was standing there holding his weed eater.  Homeowner chased him.  The thief ran with it and escaped to a waiting car.




Cedar Canyon Drive @ Cedar Canyon Court.

(Breckenridge subdivision located off LaVista Road)

Two black males in a white vehicle (a Suburban or a 4-door older Buick, Oldsmobile or Chevrolet) pulled up with masks and a gun and asked a father for his wallet.  He was walking his 5-year-old daughter home.

Note:  A Watch coordinator in the nearby area had received three slightly varying reports on the incident.  One report suggests other friends were also present.  When the father told them he had no wallet, one of them grabbed the daughter.  Screams alerted neighbors who called 911.  Child was not abducted.





Empire Square

(located off Midvale Road)

Peppermint Drive neighbor observed a dark blue older model Volvo 740 GLE parked at the southwest corner of Empire Square at the divided island street.  Neighbor drove slowly giving the vehicle enough time to pull out in front of her.  License Plate # 508 FXL (thinks from SC).
Homeowner noted:   It was same vehicle described on 3/27/06 with two black men in front.  There were so many plastic bags, etc in rear, I did not see the 3rd man.  I followed it out of Empire Square; it turned down Empire Forest Drive.  I continued on my way but decided to turn around and check it out.  When I arrived near end of Empire Forest Drive, they were backing out of a driveway.  I went around bend to end of cul-de-sac and waited a few minutes.  I followed them up Midvale Road; they turned into Landeau Circle.  I went up to another side street and while waiting for them to appear, called 911.  I continued to stay on side streets along Midvale Road watching them as they progressed in and out of the streets.  I called 911 again to report their location on Wood Creek Court as I had to get to my appointment




Empire Square

(located off Midvale Road)

Homeowner exiting driveway observed an older model navy blue Volvo station wagon parked in front of house on Regency Drive West.  The car then moved very, very slowly and continued up Emperor Way hill direction. Occupants appeared to be giving each house and yard a good long look.  The vehicle had three black males seated inside - two in front, one in the middle seat.  The car was loaded heavily - riding very low to the ground.



Palace Court

(located off Henderson Road)

Homeowner reports lawnmower was stolen from carport. 

Mid March 2006



Palace Court

(located off Henderson Road)

Homeowner reports a man (in early 20's) with long, curly red hair came to door selling Braves' tickets.  Homeowner thought it was odd since she had just passed him about 20 minutes earlier on Henderson Road while walking her son's dog.  The man also went and stood at the corner of Peppermint Drive and Palace Court for about an hour.  Homeowner observed this activity and contacted her son on his way home.  Son stopped and asked the man if he could help him.  The man told him he was just waiting on a ride.  Someone did eventually pick up the man.  Update:  Another Palace Court homeowner also received a sales visit from this man.

Early March 2006

Salem Crossing

(near Midvale/Henderson Mill Road)

3/22 email note from Empire Square neighbor:  Neighbor called today with some information re: 3 break-ins at Salem Crossing - the town homes just to the west of  Empire Square - backing up to Regency Drive West.  Info is sketchy and I pass this along as a third or perhaps 4th. party with very little detail.  One person (white male) was observed leaving in a tan or beige Toyota - make unknown-  with Newton County GA tags.  Be aware there are at least 4 or 5 tan or beige Toyotas belonging to neighbors in Empire Square----the caution is the Newton Co. identifier.  I do not know if police were called.

3/23 email note from Salem Crossing contact:  We have a note on our community bulletin board stating there were 2 forced entry break-ins in the past 2 weeks, at least one of which the police responded to because I saw them finishing up last week.  That one was clearly done during the daylight hours when people are away at work.  I had no details about car or suspect descriptions.


Late Afternoon

Bolero Drive cul-de-sac

(off Henderson Mill Road)

A large dark green SUV was seen twice in cul-de-sac.  Unable to get the license plate number.  Two white men observed pointing to two homes.  Vehicle returned to cul-de-sac and sat in front of a different home for a few minutes. This was reported to DeKalb Police at 5pm.
    Suspicious Phone Calls:

Mid March 2006



Palace Court

(located off Henderson Road)

FYI.  Homeowner received phone call with no one responding at other end.



Henderson Mill Road

(between Henderson/Midvale Roads)

FYI.  Homeowner received phone call with no one responding at other end after homeowner said "hello" 3 times.  Homeowner hung up first and has documented the name and phone number from caller ID.


Woods of Henderson

(off Henderson Mill Road)


Several homes in neighborhood have been receiving phone calls with no one on the other end when the phone is answered.  One home has received four calls over the last week, either late at night or in the early morning hours with last one received on 3/21, 6:10AM.



Aspen Court

(off Henderson Road)

FYI.  Homeowner received "unavailable caller ID" call.  Did not answer call.  Noting this incident as possibly part of the mass amount of suspicious calls in area.
3/18 & 3/19/06

Talisman Court

(off Briarcliff Road)


At least 6 houses on Talisman Court (at least 2/3 of the houses on Talisman Court which runs off Caladium near Briarcliff) received wrong number phone calls with the caller apologizing the same way each time, "Oh, I'm sorry, I must have the wrong number, please excuse me." All the calls on Sunday, 3/19 occurred at either approximately 2:30 pm or 8:30 pm.  Caller ID was blocked.  Police were asked to provide additional patrols in the area.


Note:  Many of the Neighborhood Watch emails from adjacent neighborhoods have noted these calls prior to attempted or successful home entry.




Sasanqua Court

(off Idlewood/Fellowship Rds)

Attempted entry - Homeowner observed a black man walk up the sidewalk.  She first thought it was the meter man because she didn't hear a car.  Within seconds, she heard the storm door open and the front door knob turning.  It was locked.  The suspect then began ringing the door bell, but homeowner didn't do or say anything other than watch the suspect as he continued to stand on the porch and look around.  After he left the porch, he continued to look around as he went out of site.  She then saw him back out of the drive in a white truck, with a camper cover on the back.  He drove up Sasanqua Court and turned left on Fellowship.  Homeowner calling police.



Briarcliff Commons

(Henderson Mill Road & Briarcliff Way)



Homeowner was taking dog out, and the dog started to growl.  Homeowner then saw a man with a cap on crouching by the fence inside the homeowner's yard.  The man quickly climbed over the fence and disappeared.  Homeowner speculated the man was "casing" their house.


Ludovie Lane

(LaVista & Briarcliff Roads)

A homeowner reported a green car was backed up and parked in her driveway.  She didn't recognize car, and man knocked on door but doesn't respond when homeowner asked who he was.  Man/car left.  Homeowner called police.

    Note:  See 2/28/06 Ludovie Lane incident.



Kings Court

(off Henderson Mill Road)


A neighbor witnessed a black van pull in front of the home directly across from hers.  A black male got out and knocked on the front door.  When there was no answer, the man went around to the rear of the house, like an electrician or service technician would.  He broke through the small kitchen window, stole a laptop and other minor sundries.  Alarm details - it is known that a motion sensor existed but that part of the alarm system had not been activated.
    NoteThe neighbor, not aware of the recent area burglaries, wasn't suspicious of what appeared to be a service-related house call.  The technique in this incident is similar in description to the 2/26/06 on Briarcliff Commons.





Glynbrook Drive

(off Idlewood/Fellowship Rds)

Friend driving to homeowner's house observed a silver Volvo with three young males in it, sitting in homeowner's driveway.  Aware that homeowner was not at home, the friend stopped at house.  The males immediately backed out of the driveway and took off towards Idlewood. Friend followed them, and they turned into Hospital Discount lot.  The friend went to turn around at the school, and they were gone before she could return.  No tag on the car.  Two police cars responded to 911 calls.  Note:  Homeowner and friend learned from police that the usual "method" was to knock on the homeowner's door, and if no one came to the door, they would just bust in.



Ludovie Lane

(LaVista & Briarcliff Roads)

Homeowner entered subdivision and observed green/dark colored Camry parked inside subdivision.  Car was running with lights on.  Homeowner drove in/closed garage and turned outside lights on.  Car left.  Homeowner was suspicious that criminals are "casing" homes and notified neighborhood.


Note:  A similar car description was given in the iron lawn furniture theft on 1/23/06 on Allsborough Drive.



Briarcliff Commons

(Henderson Mill Road & Briarcliff Way)

The homeowners distributed the following letter to their neighborhood.  It is good information for all.

Dear Neighbors,

We hope this letter finds you all doing well.

Please be advised that on Sunday, February 26, 2006, at approximately 4:50p.m., our home was burglarized.

As such, we are writing all of you to, at the very least, put you on notice that, according to police, this is the fourth (4th) daytime burglary in the immediate area. Further, should any of you have any information whatsoever that could be helpful please let one of us know at your earliest convenience.

What we do know is that probably more than one person was involved. The burglars determined that no one was home (we were in fact out of town on vacation). They entered the residence in the rear by throwing a boulder through a window. They then tripped a motion sensor located in a basement hallway. Due to the fact that the alarm siren was only inside the house, apparently no neighbors heard it. The burglars then attempted to destroy the alarm system but the police had already been dispatched within Sixty (60) Seconds. The burglars grabbed what they could and fled out the front door in broad daylight carrying our possessions. The police arrived between Nine (9) and Twenty (20) minutes later.

We do not know whether or not a vehicle was used in the burglary. As such, should any of you have noticed a vehicle (even a service vehicle) at the front of the neighborhood or in our driveway, please let us know. The other robberies nearby did in fact involve vehicles that were loaded with household items.

The detective handling our case and the others is Detective Stanfield of the Dekalb County P.D., Investigations Division. He has a few leads but needs any additional information he can get. We are in the process of adding extensive surveillance cameras to the interior and exterior of our residence to monitor motion in/and around the house. While that will certainly be helpful in the future, Detective Stanfield has suggested that each and every homeowner in the neighborhood take a few seconds extra to pay attention to cars parked around the neighborhood. If something looks at all suspicious, call 911. He also noted that often these burglars are pedestrians pretending to be selling something in order to determine whether anyone is home or not. Sometimes, they even dress up in service uniforms and drive vehicles with signs on the side. Detective Stanfield further asserted that these burglaries will not stop until someone is caught.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can give us additional information and please be safe.

On 3/18/06, 11Alive.com aired this story:

Combating Burglary Spree


On 3/16/06, WSB-TV aired the story:

Home Security Systems Not Stopping Thieves featuring several of the recent incidents in the Northlake/Briarcliff/La Vista Road area.



Empire Square

(located off Midvale Road)


A neighbor reported around 8:30 PM that the doorbell rang once.  One white male was observed at the door with another male standing in the shadows.  Police were called and responded in 8-10 minutes.  While taking the report, the officers left quickly explaining that another similar incident in a nearby neighborhood had been reported.  A helicopter overhead had spotted something, and officers were called for on-ground support.



Pangborn Road

(between Springbrook and Frazier)

Home security company detected intrusion, and police responded.  No items reported taken.
    The burglar broke the window on the kitchen door in the carport area.  When he discovered the deadbolt was not one that could be unlocked by hand, he went to the window next to the door and removed the storm window.  He broke the latch on the main window and entered the house.  This is when the burglar alarm's motion detector detected the burglar and sounded the alarm.



Nalley Circle

(located off La Vista Road/

Oak Grove Road area)


Four houses were broken into.  Attempt into 5th was in progress when the owner arrived home.  Entry through doors and windows.  Jewelry and cash were taken.  Description of person given to police and neighbors.



Bolero Drive

(Henderson Middle School

side parking lot)

Stolen SUV abandoned in parking lot - Neighbor learned from police the stolen car had been stolen twice - A thief stole it from another thief.



Mill Ridge Trail

(located off Henderson Mill Road/past the Henderson

Mill Elementary School)

Break in occurred through the basement and quite a lot of items of various sizes were taken.  Items were loaded up in front of the house



Allsborough Drive

(located off Henderson Road near Henderson Park)

Theft of wrought iron garden furniture - Neighbor observed theft in progress - Man in green Camry(?) loaded furniture.  Woman may have been the driver.  Police called.  No license plate captured.

hendersonroad.com Email Notification: January 23, 2006 - Theft from Allsborough Drive.

Jan. 2006

Bolero Drive

(located off Henderson Mill Road/between Henderson & Midvale Roads)

Entry attempts were made at 2 houses but nothing was taken due to security systems/locks.
Dec. 2005

Off/near Evans Road

(street runs parallel to Henderson Road)

Several burglaries have taken place off/near Evans Road.
Late 2005 LaVista Road/Briarcliff Road area Numerous burglaries in past 3-4 mos.  In December, there were 5 arrests associated with this activity.
May/June 2005 hendersonroad.com Email Notification:

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