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Email Notifications - 08/23/2006 - Help Finding a Home for 2 Labs

UPDATE:  Sassy and Trouble have found a family/home!

Dear Neighbor,


Through the hendersonroad.com mailbox, I received the following email to share with the hendersonroad.com readers.



Jenni, Website Coordinator


Subject:  Help Finding a Home for 2 Labs


Hi Jenni,

Apologies for this long email, but I am hoping you might be able to help out by posting this to the Henderson Road website as well as blasting it out to folks you know might be able to help out:

We are fostering 2 Labrador Retrievers, a male and a female. A friend of mine runs a Lab Rescue organization called Atlanta Dog Squad. I got a message from her a couple weeks back about two 5 year old black labs that just melted my heart, and we jumped in to help.

These two lovable dogs lived with a single mom and her teenage son out in Douglasville. The Mother tragically suffered a major heart attack and passed away. A neighbor has agreed to foster the boy, but because of space, etc, was unable to take in the dogs. Rather than take them to the Humane Society or a shelter, this woman had the compassion to contact the rescue organization.

We took them in, and considered adopting them ourselves, since our own Lab passed away back in April. But after a week, we realized these two "kids" need the activity and love a larger family can give them. The sad reality is that due to work, we are gone for 10+ hours per day during the week, and there is no way to appropriately fence in our yard to give them the space they need to run, play, wrestle, etc, while also protecting their safety.

They truly are beautiful, loving and friendly dogs. Seeing the way they interact with our friends' and neighbors' children, we realize the best place for them would be with a family with kids, or at least in a home where someone is home most of the time.

They are very well behaved, house trained and full of love. They are half siblings, same father, different mother, born 5 days apart. They have been together all their lives and must stay together.

They have been through so much transition recently, we are trying to find a permanent home for them as soon as possible, where they can settle in and regain a sense of permanence.

For some pictures of these gorgeous dogs, go to www.mindspring.com/~treysouth

Anyone interested can email me with "Dogs" in the subject line. I have promised the Atlanta Dog Squad they can interview / approve any potential adopters... they have stringent guidelines to make sure the pets are placed in the best homes possible.


Ken Grabowski
Mobile: 678-612-5667

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