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Monthly Newsletter - October 2006
October 2006

Dear Neighbor,

What's the latest news in your Henderson Road neighborhood?  The following articles and tips are shared with you by area neighbors.  We hope that you enjoy!


Jenni, Website Coordinator




I.  Around Town   


II.  Neighborly Swap


III.  Crime Prevention News, Etc.




I.  Around Town



Your Vote Counts!


General Election  Tuesday, November 7th


Two online sources for voting and candidate information are:

  • DeKalb County Voter Registration & Elections - Click here

  • League of Women Voters of Georgia - Click here for Voter Guide


Sanitary Sewer Overflows:  Frequently Asked Questions Webpage

The DeKalb County Soil & Water Conservation District, a State agency dedicated toward educating citizens on the protection of DeKalb County's natural resources, has produced a web page to educate citizens on sanitary sewer overflows (SSO's).

The web page is in a "frequently asked questions" format.  Causes of SSO's, health impacts, how to report SSO's, are a few of the topics addressed at WWW.DEKALBCOUNTYSSO.COM

"From a health perspective, it's critical that citizens recognize warning signs of SSO's, promptly document, and report sanitary sewer overflows to the local government" stated Doug Denton, a Supervisor with the DeKalb County S&WCD.

Urban Creeks tend to exceed federal Clean Water Act standards for fecal contaminants. Such levels of contaminants are detectable through laboratory testing.

"It's important that citizens are aware that a clear creek doesn't necessarily mean a creek is clean," Denton stated.

Children are at particular risk of adverse health effects associated with SSO's because of their natural curiosity around creeks, according to the web page.

Citizens preferring a brochure of "Sanitary Sewer Overflows: Frequently Asked Questions" should make requests to the DeKalb Districts regional office at:

DeKalb Co. S&WCD

1500 Klondike Road, Suite A109

Conyers, Ga. 30094


This message has been distributed on behalf of Doug Denton.

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II.  Neighborly Swap



Sharon K. writes:


I would love to find somebody who wants to get rid of some green liriope (or monkey grass) so I can finish the median strip between the street and sidewalk on Henderson Road. We will be glad to dig it up if somebody wants to be rid of it.  I, on the other hand, have some English ivy (in my back yard - not the front yard) I would love to GIVE to somebody - if they would dig it up and haul it to their house.  (Please click here to reply.)




Here's a time saving tip.  Rather than pulling out different phone books to find a phone number, I find it easy and convenient to search the "BellSouth Online Phone Book."  Click here to give it try!


- Submitted by Paul W.


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III.  Crime Prevention News, Etc.



DeKalb County Police Services - Tucker Precinct


Special Halloween Edition - Neighborhood News




(click on picture to open newsletter)

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For a brief summary of recent incidents reported by Henderson Road and Tucker/DeKalb area neighbors, click here

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