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Sidewalk Construction Along Henderson Road

Current and previous statuses provided below.



Dear Neighbor,


Through the hendersonroad.com mailbox, I received an email from Steven Ware who lives on Henderson Road.  He'd observed a survey crew working on Henderson Road during Thanksgiving week near Cardinal Drive and Tipperary Trail.  He asked if I knew why they are surveying Henderson Road, and is there some kind of construction about to start.  Steven provided me with the company name on the trucks.  Both EES Consulting, Inc. (survey crew) and Pond & Company (engineering consultant) have been very responsive to my calls.


Steven and I thought the Henderson Road neighborhood probably would have the same questions as we do about the project.  I've posted our questions and responses provided by Kevin Skinner of Pond & Company.

  • Which side of Henderson Rd. will the sidewalk be.

Both sides.  In locations where sidewalk already exists, it will be maintained and not replaced.

  • How much room will it take out of my yard?

It depends on many factors.  The engineering design is not complete yet.  If additional property is needed beyond the county right of way, county representatives will meet with owners to purchase this property.  They can answer specific questions about setbacks, shrubs, fences, hill slopes, etc. at that time.  Once the preliminary design is complete, the plans will available for review at DeKalb County Engineering offices.

  • What about plantings that we have near the road? (how far off the road do they need to be so they will not be destroyed? there are trees near the road, will they be cut down?)

This depends on the specific conditions related to each parcel. This project will require some clearing of trees and shrubbery, but clearing will be kept to a minimum.

  • How will they deal with the drainage issue? (there are drainage ditches on both sides of the road in some places.)

Generally, the curb & gutter and related storm drain piping system will eliminate the need for drainage ditches.  Some ditches may remain and this will be determined during engineering design.

  • How will it affect driveways?  (some are concrete, some are asphalt, mine is gravel) ( there are drain pipes under each drive way)

Each driveway affected will be replaced in kind, concrete for concrete, asphalt for asphalt.  The county will work with owners in special circumstances.   If a drainage ditch is maintained, the pipe under the driveway will be maintained or replaced.

  • Getting in and out of driveways during construction for those of us that live on Henderson Rd.

Access to residences will be maintained during the construction process.  If necessary, reconstruction of driveway entrances will be coordinated with the residents.

  • How will it affect where the mail boxes are? 

Mailboxes will be moved to either the buffer strip between the curb and sidewalk, or behind the sidewalk depending on the specific conditions related to each location.

  • Traffic flow during construction. (it can already be very busy during rush hour because many people use Henderson Rd. as a cut through)

Two lanes of traffic will remain open during construction.  If temporary closure of a travel lane is required, a reasonable time of day will be chosen, and signage or flagmen will be utilized.

  • What initiated a study and what criteria determined the need for sidewalks along both sides of Henderson and from La Vista Road to Henderson Mill Road?

The project was selected for funding by the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners.

  • Who is the sponsor of the project and where does the funding come from?

The project is being sponsored by DeKalb County. The construction will be paid for by a combination of Federal and County funds.

  • What is the timetable for the different phases of the project?

This project is scheduled to begin construction in 2009.  The Henderson Road corridor is only one part of this three-part project.  The other corridors are Flat Shoals Road and Salem Road.  The entire project is estimated to take 12 months to complete. The timetable to begin construction and the duration of construction are subject to change as more detailed designs are developed.

  • Contacts for more information

Contact the Engineering Consultant, Kevin Skinner of Pond & Company at 678.336.7740 for more information.

  • What are the specs for the sidewalk (guttering, width of sidewalk, curbing, etc.)?

The proposed curb & gutter is 30" wide (24" gutter, 6" curb).  A 2' grass strip is proposed between the curb and the 5' wide sidewalk.

  • How will homeowners be contacted about work near their property?

When construction beings, the contractor will install work zone signs in the vicinity.  County representatives will contact property owners directly to discuss the purchase of any property that is needed for this project.

  • Does your company or county/state have more information available on their website?

There is not a project website, but residents can contact Kevin Skinner of Pond & Company at 678.336.7740 for more information.


(Sources:  Steven Ware, Kevin Skinner, Jenni Wasmer)


  • Update 5/19/08:  Several homeowners asked if there are updates on the sidewalk project for Henderson Road.

The project is moving along, but  we are still a long way from construction.  I will keep you informed when we reach milestones.   I am as anxious as anyone, so we're doing everything we can.  (Kevin Skinner)

  • Update 5/20/08:  Several homeowners inquired about the status, to continue with landscaping enhancements to their yards (planting items available only certain times of the year).

Some general advice I could give is for people to make sure to locate their landscaping off the county right of way.  Each person should have a survey of their property and usually the property map will have the county right of way line.  If the county is impacting landscaping, fences, trees, etc. within a property, the county will negotiate terms with the owner on a case by case basis.  (Kevin Skinner)

  • Update 8/27/08:

We are more than halfway done with the plans (keep in mind there are 3 corridors for this contract).  Once the design is nearly done, county officials will need to meet with each and every owner on Henderson where additional right of way is required.  This is a long process.  Since there are 3 corridors, it could take a year or two. The project is not let for construction until all the required property is acquired.  So unfortunately, we are still a few years away from construction.  (Kevin Skinner)

  • Update 7/1/09:

The Environmental Clearance is estimated to be complete by November, and the entire design will probably be complete by June 2010.  Then, buying the property from all the land owners will take several months, perhaps a year.  Construction can only begin once all the property is acquired.  Keep in mind, there are 3 corridors, Henderson is only one of three.  (Kevin Skinner)

  • Update 3/8/11:

I spoke with a representative of DeKalb County today, and unfortunately this project is on hold for a while until more money is available to buy the properties along these 3 corridors.  I wish I had better news, but it appears that this project will sit for a while.    (Kevin Skinner)

  • Update 5/18/11:

I just spoke with David @ DeKalb County (Transportation Division) and the Board of Commissioners approved funds to proceed with the acquisition of parcels for the side walk project; the money was allocated from HOST funds. The board need to allocate more money for the 20% matching fund next year (80% is already available form federal funds). He told me that they will soon proceed with acquisitions since they already know which one of the properties they need to purchase. The total money allocated for the 3 corridors appears to be 1 million dollars.  (Yared, Henderson Road homeowner)

BOC Agenda Summary from May 10, 2011

Public Works
H2.    Appropriation of 2011 HOST Infrastructure Funds to Project Accounts (Accepted to the Regular BOC Meeting agenda; Assigned to the Planning, Economic Development & Public Works Committee) APPROVED

Tax solution cuts DeKalb projects, adds work in cities  (click here for 11/11/11 ajc.com article)

  • Update 1/20/12:

18 County Sidewalks

The design work is mostly complete, and is waiting on the Right of Way acquisition to complete before being finalized.  The county has limited funds, and is not currently able to buy the properties needed.  As stated below, they hope to get additional HOST funding in a few months.   The project is not dead, but is stalled until more money is available.  I would expect at least 2 years before construction begins.  (Kevin Skinner)

Right-of-way acquisition is pretty much on hold now because only minimal HOST funds were approved for the project in 2011.  We hope to get more funding from 2012 HOST.  We should know the answer to that sometime in March or April.

David Pelton P.E.

DeKalb County Transportation Division


  • Update 5/23/12:

It looks like the side walk project is back on track.  I spoke with David [Pelton] at DeKalb County Transportation and he informed me that they were funded to acquire properties along the side walk; the right away acquisition will start this summer and the side walk project is scheduled to start on 2014.  (Yared, Henderson Road homeowner)

Update 2/20/13:

I talked with David [Pelton] at DeKalb County Transportation from the county and the side walk project is a little delayed but they are planning to complete by late 2014.  (Yared, Henderson Road homeowner)

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Jenni, Website Coordinator

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