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Email Alert Notifications - 07/01/2007 -

Update About Recent Pit Bull Attack On Henderson Road

[Updated 8/1/07 - Click here]

Dear Neighbor,


Through the hendersonroad.com mailbox, I received the following email to share with the hendersonroad.com readers.

Subject:  Pit Bull Attack Update

From:  David Glover


My wife was the individual recently attacked by the pit bulls on the corner of Henderson Road and Hershey Lane.  This occurred at 7:15 a.m. on June 20th, 2007, as she was walking our Yorkshire Terrier and Dachshund.  She received a severely lacerated left arm as a result of the attack.  This was a very predictable tragedy, as many in the neighborhood know.  Numerous incidents and complaints concerning these dogs have occurred over the previous years.  Aggressive dogs such as these do not belong in this, or any other community.  If you are a concerned neighbor, or have personally witnessed any act of aggression by these dogs, we need your support.

DeKalb County has set a court date to have a Judge rule on the situation.  Please share your concerns or experiences on:

Friday, July 6th at 2:00 p.m.

DeKalb County Recorders Court

3630 Camp Circle

Public Safety Building

(I-285 & Memorial Dive behind the Police Station)

If you are unable to attend but would like to share your thoughts, the following individuals may be contacted:

  • DeKalb County Animal Control Supervisor William Little (404) 294-2940

  • Investigator Brenda Johnson (404) 294-2998

  • My email address is davidglover@hotmail.com

  • Updates should be available on hendersonroad.com

Click here for 6/20/2007 Notice

Click here for 4/24/06 Notice

Thank You!!

David Glover

3561 Coldwater Canyon Ct.

(770) 934-7923

7/6/07 Update:


Several Henderson Road area neighbors asked if there was any information yet about the results of the 7/6/07 court hearing.  I received the following update from David Glover:


"She (owner) was found guilty of breaking four DeKalb County Animal Control ordinances and was fined $1200 per violation.  She must pay the $4800 and then fence her yard prior to receiving her dogs back.  She seems committed to retaining them in the neighborhood though."

8/1/07 update through hendersonroad.com mailbox:

"Of concern:  The owner of the pit bulls on Henderson Court chose to pay the fine, erect a fence, and keep the dogs guilty of viciously attacking one of our neighbors even though these dogs pose a threat to our neighborhood.  We must be vigilant in order to protect ourselves, our children, our families, our friends and visitors.  The owner and The DeKalb County Animal Control must be held to the utmost accountability for making sure these animals are securely contained at all times.  This will continue to be a potentially dangerous situation."

About hendersonroad.com

To respect your email address privacy, the recipients received this email via blind courtesy copy (bcc).  Email addresses were provided by residents interested in staying informed of important community news, crime prevention alerts, and recent updates to hendersonroad.com.  (This email was distributed to the Henderson Road area neighborhood.  The Glovers have also distributed a paper copy.) 

Subscribe/Unsubscribe:  Click here.  The mailbox is checked daily.

** Please consider my forwarding of this information as a means to keep the Henderson Road neighborhood informed. **



Jenni, Website Coordinator

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